Monday, June 25, 2012

The MMA Wrap-Up with Ben Fowlkes - For UFC 147 & the UFC on FX 4

"I'm gonna break his face and everyone of his teeth in his mouth." Anderson Silva to Chael Sonnen

Gareth A Davies
"Did Chael Sonnen cross the line when he spoke about your wife?"

Anderson Silva
"First of all Chael Sonnen is a criminal, he's been convicted of crimes, he doesn't deserve to be in the octagon. And when the time comes and the time is right, I'm gonna break his face and everyone of his teeth in his mouth." 

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Watch Chuck Norris train with Rickson, Renzo, & Royce Gracie.

Do you know the story of how the Gracies came to the USA and the whole UFC, MMA and Gracie Ju-jitsu got rolling here? Chuck and Bob Wall visited the Gracie family and family in Rio, Brazil and experienced the training first hand and were impressed so much that Chuck wanted his Black Belts in the UFAF to learn the system. In 1988 they flew to Las Vegas and taught us for the first time. That was the beginning. Hope you enjoy this historic video clip I took of the intro and some of the training, Keep in mind the camera quality back then wasn't as great as now.

-Danny Lane

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A Rony Jason HL by HELLO JAPAN


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Friday Night Lights......... Out /w Fedor, Zoro, Huerta, Cub, Vinicius and more.

Zoro Moreira punts Roger Huerta at ONE FC
4 more KO's from this weekends combat sports action after the jump.

UFC 147: Rich Franklin vs. Wanderlei Silva Highlights

UFC on FX 4:Gray Maynard Vs Clay Guida Post-Fight Interviews

Dana White

Nick Catone
Dan Miller

Gray Maynard

Spencer Fisher

Rick Story

Ricardo Lamas

Matt Brown

Sam Stout

Cub Swanson

Brian Ebersole

Greg Jackson