Saturday, September 1, 2012

Aldo vs Edgar on tap for UFC 153

Eric Koch has been forced  out of his main event feather weight title bout with Jose Aldo at UFC 153, after suffering a knee injury. But don't worry Uncle Dana found us a more then suitable replacement. USA Today with the scoop:
"Obviously, we've had a rough couple of weeks here at the UFC, and then sure enough, I walk in to work today, and Erik Koch is hurt, But Frankie Edgar, being the stud and the warrior that he is, steps up and accepts the fight."
Dana White

Frankie Edgar is the former lightweight champion of the world, and arguably still the best 155lbs fighter on the planet. But the Toms River, New Jersey Native is coming off back to back losses to Benson Henderson, the most recent of which saw Edgar win all but one of the rounds only to have the judges award the fight to Benson Henderson. Hopefully, the former champ gets a better shake in his featherweight debut, but with the fight taking place in Aldo's back yard of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Edgar has even more incentive to make sure "not to let it go to the judges" at UFC 153.

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