Sunday, August 12, 2012

UFC 150 Take Away Service

Welcome to another edition of It's Fighting Stupid's Take Away Service. Where we, do you, the service of letting you in on all the key take-away's from UFC 150: Edgar Vs. Henderson II. First up on the menu....

Frankie Edgar Got Robbed
Frankie Edgar won all but one round against Benson Henderson on Saturday night in Denver. Slipping Henderson's punches and landing his own to both the body and head, Edgar out landed the champ in all but the first round. Utilizing excellent footwork and head movement while mixing in a handful of take-downs, Edgar was able to keep Henderson on his back foot for most of the night and avoid any of the damage that he took in their first fight in Japan. But despite the excellent performance from "the Answer", two of the three judges, got the question wrong with Dave Hagen and Mark Van Tine scoring the bout 48-47 for Henderson. Leaving the best 155lbs fighter in the world with out the belt, that rightfully belongs to him and the fans with another terrible decision to ponder. 

Biggest Winner: Donald Cerrone
Cerrone's home town comeback KO victory over Melvin Guillard was incredible. After surviving a opening round blitz from the "Young Assassin" Cerrone was able to clear the cobwebs and compose himself before launching a picture perfect head kick, right straight combo to put away Guillard.
Biggest Loser: Frankie Edgar
Despite a near flawless performance in a fight that most observers thought he won. Frankie Edgar failed to regain his 155lbs title from Benson Henderson in their rematch at UFC 150. A controversial decision would usually make for a compelling case for another rematch, but Edgar's argument would likely fall on def ears as the gritty New Jersey native has already fought in back to back to back title rematches against BJ Penn, Gray Maynard, and now Benson Henderson making for a back log of contenders at the top of the division. So despite Edgar's obvious claim to the #1 spot in the division "The Answer" won't be fighting for his belt anytime soon.        
Jake Shields: Same Shit, Different Day.
Jake Shields is an extremely capable grappler that has used his brand of American Jujitsu to work his way into the top tier of fighters at both welter and middleweight. Just like he did Saturday night in Denver against Ed Herman during their Middle weight fight at UFC 150. Shields was able to work his take downs and employ his stifling brand of top control on rout to a unanimous decision. Putting a bow on Shields move from welter weight gate keeper to his new roll as middle weight gate keeper.

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