Monday, June 25, 2012

"I'm gonna break his face and everyone of his teeth in his mouth." Anderson Silva to Chael Sonnen

Gareth A Davies
"Did Chael Sonnen cross the line when he spoke about your wife?"

Anderson Silva
"First of all Chael Sonnen is a criminal, he's been convicted of crimes, he doesn't deserve to be in the octagon. And when the time comes and the time is right, I'm gonna break his face and everyone of his teeth in his mouth." 

More venom from the spider after the jump.

“Sonnen is the sport’s slag. He doesn’t deserve to be in the UFC. He has legal problems, he’s a jerk. I’ll kick his ass. I’ll rip every one of his teeth off”, said Spider, completing. “Who lives from the past are museum guys. I don’t live in the past. I’ll kick his ass. No more kidding, no more trashtalking. He’s going down and I’ll hit him like he’s never been hit before. All of the times he didn’t get beaten up by his mama and papa are coming back to him now”.

 “He’s gonna get hurt. He’ll swallow his teeth. After I spank him people will get frightened. I’ll do something no one has ever done in the UFC: I’ll break his face, his arms and legs. He’s gonna get carried on a gurney. It’s a professional fight but I’ll tear him apart. He’s gonna learn to respect the country that created the sport. He’s a criminal, a scumbag, a piece of crap. He’s not saying one bit of other fighters anymore. It ends here and now. No more jokes”.

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