Monday, May 28, 2012

Take Away Service - UFC 146: Mir Vs dos Santos Edition

Welcome to It's Fighting Stupid's Take Away Service. Where we, do you, the service of letting you in on all the key take-away's from UFC 146: Mir Vs dos Santos . First up on the Menu:

Mir Vs. dos Santos: Embracing the inevitable.
It played out the way everyone with the exception of Dave Doyle thought it would. With Junior dos Santos beating Frank Mir's head like a drum for a little over a round. dos Santos is a horrible match up for Mir and it showed early. With the Heavyweight champ shrugging of Mir's first take-down attempt with ease, essentially taking the air out of Mir before he started. The former 2x heavyweight champ seemed resigned to the bad end, of a one sided kick boxing match after just 30 seconds and it had become clear that a take down was not in the cards. It's to bad that Mir decided to read the cards so early, embracing the inevitable and making it a matter of when, not if, for the tko stoppage.

Cain Velasquez has got next
The violence of the beating that Cain Velasquez put on Bigfoot Silva can not be understated. The amount of blood combined with the anguish on Silva's face was enough to satiate any horror movie aficionado. Putting it right up there with Joe Stevens Vs. BJ Penn and Florian Vs Sherk as one of the bloodiest fights of all time. It was a 3:36 second reminder of why Velasquez was the most feared man in the division and why he's next in line for Junior dos Santos.

The Heavyweight Division: Metamorphosis

 Just 5 short years ago the UFC heavyweight division consisted of Tim Sylvia, Brandon Vera, Andrei Arlovski, Jeff Monson, Marcio Cruz, Gabriel Gonzaga, Justin Eilers, Assuerio Silva, Antoni Hardonk, Jake O'brien, Carmelo Marrero, and Chieck Kongo.There are few better illustrations of how far the sport has come then the 2012 UFC heavyweight roster.

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