Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Chael Sonnen Granted a Therapeutic Use Exemption for Testosterone Ahead of UFC 148

NSAC officials voted unanimously on Monday to grant Chael Sonnen a therapeutic use exemption (TUE) for the use of testosterone ahead of  UFC 148, after Sonnen along with his manager and some kind of witch doctor, pleaded their case in front of the Nevada state athletic commission. Sonnen who according to a Commission medical adviser, probably suffers from secondary hypogonadism will be allowed to receive bi-weekly injections of synthetic testosterone leading up to his July rematch with Anderson Silva. But as a result Sonnen will be forced to under go increased testing, including testing on the day following the fight where he will still have to test within the commission limits for allowable testosterone levels in Nevada.

Here, Ben Fowlkes breaks down the utter hypocrisy in allowing testosterone while punishing Marijuana and why it's doing MMA no favors. 
Whether you believe Diaz legitimately has a marijuana-shaped loophole here -- or, for that matter, whether you believe that Sonnen legitimately has low testosterone -- it’s hard to look at these two rulings and call them helpful, let alone fair. If the sport isn’t harmed by allowing one athlete to artificially increase his levels of a powerful hormone, how is it harmed by allowing another to use one of the least harmful recreational drugs around? If one man’s history of deception can be easily explained by putting the blame entirely on someone else, then how severely can another man be punished for smoking first and asking permission second?


  1. I totally agree with the sonnen decision,I tend towards excusing Diaz also.

    1. If Sonnen had a recommendation from an endocrinologist then I'd say grant him the exemption. But because of Sonnen's Doctor and the circumstance surrounding the situation, it seems shady to allow him one.

      As for Diaz his suspension is ridiculous in every way!