Saturday, April 7, 2012

Whose Fighting Junior Dos Santos? The Candidates By the Odds.

With Alistair Overeem's recent drug test coming back positive for elevated testosterone it's becoming less and less likely that the Demolition man will be fighting for the UFC heavyweight championship at UFC 146. So whose gonna step in? Well here are the Odds on who we're most likely to see face Junior Dos Santos for the mantel of baddest man on the planet.
Frank Mir (even)
Frank Mir is the most likely to step in to face dos Santos at UFC 146 he has twice held the UFC heavyweight title and is riding a three fight win streak punctuated by a stunning come from behind SUBMISSION of Minatauro Nogueira in his last fight. You couple that with the fact that the Las Vegas native is at ease with the main event press obligations and it all adds up to make Frank Mir our most likely candidate.
Cain Velasquez (5-1)
Cain Velasquez is the man that Junior dos Santos dethroned to become UFC heavyweight champion, making for a built in story line between the two. But the fact that they just fought at the inaugural  UFC on Fox show in November and that it was a quick one sided fight doesn't bode well for Velasquez's chances at an immediate rematch.
Dan Henderson (3-1) 
Dan Henderson is one of the most decorated fighters in the history of our sport he has won titles in the UFC, Pride and most recently Strikeforce. He is riding a 4 fight win streak with victories over Feijao, Babalu and most recently Fedor & Shogun in two modern day classics. Classics, that have earned him a guaranteed title shot by Dana White at middleweight or light-heavyweight. But the chances of Hollywood Henderson parlaying that golden ticket into a heavyweight title shot? I'd say three to one. He's a decent draw and very popular fighter but his size may keep the UFC from matching him up with dos Santos at UFC146. 
Fedor (7-1) 
Fedor Emelianenko ruled the heavyweight division from his debut in may of 2000 to his first legitimate defeat in June of 2010. His 27 fight win streak will have him go down as one of the best fighters in the history of the sport. But back to back losses in Strikeforce followed by a couple of wins over lesser opposition, has seemed to have lit a fire under the stoic Russian as he has recently expressed interest in competing in the UFC. So maybe Overeem's loss is Fedor's gain? I doubt it. The chances of getting Fedor under contract would be tough enough, then you factor in the volatile relationship between Fedor's management and the UFC front office and I just don't see Dana putting the title at risk against the Last Emperor.     

Mark Hunt (10 -1)
Mark Hunt has had an absolute ground swell of  support from the mixed martial arts online community, as the #RallyForMarkHunt blew up Dana's twitter in an attempt to get the Kiwi a shot at Junior. Granted he is on a three fight winning streak but previous to that, it had been less then good times for the Samoan Monster and only saw him make his way into the UFC via contractual obligation vis-à-vis the Zuffa acquisition of Pride. But after a less then steller debut, against a less then stellar fighter, the former K1 grand-Prix champ has cranked off three in a row including two highlight real TKO's over Chieck Kongo and Chris Tuchscherer. Unfortunately for Hunt despite all the love from the internet he still has a ways to go before he is considered a real draw, that along with a real aversion to the press, will probably keep him out of "the mix" for now.    
Alistair Overeem (14-1)
Maybe the B sample comes back negative?

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