Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Verdicts in....No License for Overeem - Updated: /w video of Overeem's testimony.

Alistair Overeem faced the Nevada state athletic commission today in order to apply for a license to fight in the state. As well as to answer for a failed pre-fight drug test from March 27th that returned a testosterone-to-epitestosterone level of 14:1. Overeem put the blame for the failed test on an anti-inflammatory medication that was a mix of B-12, Texamethazone, keterolec and testosterone. It was apparently prescribed by a Dr.Molina to aid with a rib injury that was sustained while training for his fight with Junior Dos Santos at UFC 146. During the course of the hearing it was revealed that Overeem tried to make ANOTHER daring escape, attempting to flee in a car in order to try and avoid taking the March 27th random drug screen, a drug screen that all main card fighters were made aware of, and took, at the UFC 146 pre-fight press conference. It's a move that's not uncommon to Overeem, and one that he's already used once with great success, when he left the country in order to avoid a similar test ahead of his UFC debut versus Brock Lesnar in December. It was this pattern of behavior, coupled with shaky testimony from Overeem's physician. That lead the NSAC to deny Overeem's application for at least 9 months
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