Monday, April 23, 2012

Take Away Service - UFC 145: Jones Vs. Evans - Edition

Welcome to the inaugural edition of It's Fighting Stupid's Take Away Service. Where we do you, the service, of letting you in on all the key take-away's from UFC 145: Jones Vs. Evans. First up on the Menu:

Rashad Evans needs to Drop to 185.

Q:What's wrong with this picture? If you answered:  "The two people in it, appear to be in different weight classes." Your right! When Rashad Evans and Jon Jones got off the scale on Friday in Atlanta, each man weighed in under the agreed to 205lbs limit. But to look at them, you never would have guessed it. With Jones' 6'4" frame dwarfing the 5'10" Evans with the size discrepancy only becoming more apparent on fight night. Where Jones looked every bit of 225lbs and muscled around the former champion for 5 rounds on rout to a one sided decision. But when posed with a question about changing weight classes Evans was indifferent:
  "I’m a 205-pounder.... I’ve only lost twice and I lost to a good competitor … But if an opportunity happens at 185, I'll take it. But I like 205, I'll just have to work my way back up and get back to a title shot."
But if you ask me and most folks round here do. I'd say the road to a shot at Anderson Silva via fights with Munoz, Bisping, or Sonnen is a lot easier then the path back to a re-match with Jones. A rematch Evans would likely lose, and that would require wins over some combination of Machida, Shogun, and Gustafsson to get in the first place. Plus a match up with the 37 year old, pound for pound king Anderson Silva is much more favorable to Rashad Evans and his world class transition game. Making it an opportunity he would be foolish to pass up.

Two more take-aways after the Jump.

Travis Browne will be a top ten heavyweight by the end of the year.
He's 6'7" tall, very athletic and a certified finisher, as we all saw on full display when T-Bro put away "the Grave Digger" on Saturday night. It's those natural gifts, coupled with the work he will be able to do training along side someone as big and athletic as the 6'5" light heavyweight champion Jon Bones Jones, at Jackson's camp in Albuquerque, that make the ceiling so high for "Hapa". Maybe a shot at "Big Country" Roy Nelson is in order? Now that "Big Country" is with out an opponent for UFC 146.

Fighting Rory MacDonald is very hazardous to your health.

The young Canadian is 13-1 with his only loss coming to UFC interim welter weight Champion Carlos Condit at UFC 115. In a fight that saw the then 20 year old Macdonald, beat Condit from pillar to post for the first 10 minutes of their welter weight scrap, before succumbing to strikes from the leather tough Condit in the third. Since then Macdonald has gone 3 and 0 with wins over Mike Pyle, Che Mills and Nate Diaz, while looking more and more frightening each time out. It's that coupled that with the fact that he leaves his opponents faces looking like the above picture that makes fighting Rory MacDonald very hazardous to your health.

Photos: Esther Lin


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