Tuesday, April 10, 2012

L.A. Firefighter Caught MMA Fighting, While On Workers Compensation; "The Noodle" Faces Four Felony Counts Of Insurance Fraud.

L.A. city firefighter Rafael Davis is a professional  mixed martial arts fighter, competing under the name "The Noodle". Where he has amassed a record of 12 and 2 as a professional. Problem is Davis had been receiving workers compensation insurance for an injury during part of his MMA career.
Davis began receiving workers compensation insurance in Dec, 2008, and did so up until May 20, 2011. During that time its alleged that "The Noodle" competed three times in professional mixed martial arts bouts going  3 and 0, racking up two TKO's and a submission victory (not bad for fighting injured?). But now in the biggest fight of his career, the man known as the noodle, faces four felony counts of insurance fraud and up to five years in prison

ht:blogs.laweekly.com via Josh Gross

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