Monday, April 16, 2012

Dana White vs Ben Askren on the viability of random drug testing in the UFC.

"I have 375 fighters in every country all over the world. The battle that I have to get these guys to get their fucking bout agreements back and show up for press is un-fucking believable. The fact that I have to make personal phone calls to tell guys to talk to the fucking press. Now I'm going to start making personal phone calls to go show up for random drug tests? The general public and the media need to grasp some fucking concept of reality, okay? The reality of us doing all the fucking things that we're doing, when we already have the gold standard in drug testing, and then trying to chase 375 guys all over the world to randomly test them too? It's impossible."
 -Dana White

Bellator Welter Weight Champ Ben Askren must digress.

And Victor Conte a man convicted of running doping programs which have broken Olympic and professional records, has some thoughts of his own, on the feasibility of random drug testing in the UFC. - - - whoatv -

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