Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Alistair Overeem tests positive for elevated testosterone; UFC 146 main event in question.

According to the NSAC's Keith Kizer, Alistair Overeem has failed the surprise drug test the participants of UFC 146 took at last weeks pre-fight press conference. It looks as though Overeem's first or (A) sample came back with a 10-1 ratio which is quite a bit higher than the 6-1 limit allowed by commission rules. But there still is hope for the Demolition Man and in turn the UFC 146 Main event. As Keith Kizer made it clear that he still is waiting on Overeem's second urine sample aka the (B) sample to be returned and if it is indeed negative, he will still be able to participate in the main event against Junior dos Santos at UFC 146. But with it looking more and more like the Demolition man has indeed blown up the main event of UFC 146. Who do you want to see take on Junior Dos Santos for the Heavyweight Championship of the World at UFC 146? photo esther lin


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