Thursday, February 16, 2012

The mysterious case of Mariah Ashton starring Chandella Powell

The rumor swirling around today is that UFC ring girl Chandella Powell may have been fired for doing porn. It's no secret that Chandella was a former playboy model, but these photos of Mariah Ashton who happens to look a lot like Chandella Powell. Are housed at a slightly less reputable web-sight that's home to some slightly more explicit material. The rumor goes that Chandella was fired for failing to disclose that she once appeared in a couple of softcore porn photos and videos under the name “Mariah Ashton” hence her absence from the UFC on Fuel last night. 

I sincerely hope this rumor is Bull Shit because as you can tell by the pictures, Chandella totally rules.  



  1. Not even porn, but softcore?
    If she was married to Tito she could have swallowed more dicks than GSP in a Ste Catherine Street sauna and been on every broadcast as well.

    But to give crap to a girl whose only reason to be around is to be a sex symbol because... she was a sex symbol is beyond idiotic.

    Actually, her only crime is NOT posing while she was working for Zuffa mafia. Arianny showing her implants and shaved cooch was good for UFC image. This horsey faced girl doing it BEFORE she worked for them isnt.

    UFC has a level of bullshit found in very little 'sports' even boxing.

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