Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Carlos Condit to rematch Nick Diaz, official announcement Friday

So nice they had to do it twice, hot on the heels, of the hotly contested decision at UFC 143 Carlos Condit and Nick Diaz look like they'll be locking horns again soon, according to a tweet from UFC president Dana White's twitter. The initial 5 round clash garnered plenty of opinions from fans all over the world, making this rematch must see stuff.


  1. They should wait to rematch, there is nothing for Carlos to gain from this. Watch him lose by a cut or something and lose his shot at GSP.

    1. Well @Pike I think it's safe to say there had to be some kind of extra incentive thrown Condit's way in order for them to entertain such a risky proposition. The first fight was razor close and we have no reason to think the second will be any different, I for one can't wait.