Saturday, January 14, 2012

UFC vs ESPN: Fighter Pay

Sakuraba vs Gracie, Liddell vs Ortiz, Gross vs White? Yep, one of the oldest rivalries in mixed martial arts reignited this week when ESPN's Josh Gross got together with John Barr to produce a television piece for ESPN's Outside the Lines (10 a.m. (ET) Sunday on ESPN2.) Which featured interviews with chief executive officer Lorenzo Fertitta, former UFC fighter Ken Shamrock as well as the accompanying article simply titled:
 - John Barr and Josh Gross


Needless to say it wasn't all that flattering of the UFC's pay structure. Which had UFC president Dana White blasting the former sherdog editor via twitter:

"Josh is a pessimistic scumbag who pitched the story. The beauty is we filmed the interview too. We will air the entire interview as is no edits after ESPN airs theirs! We are Looking very forward to this :)
trust me I have been a part of ESPN hack jobs and that's why I don't do those BS shows and why we filmed it ESPN is going to see what a clown gross is. Gross set this BS story up and I LOVE IT!!!!"

and the rest of the MMA blogosphere, weighing in on how the UFC distributes it's income.

Outside the Lines Hits UFC on Fighter Pay, Dana White Vows to Hit Back. 
 -Michael David Smith

UFC Pay: A Closer Look At ESPN's Story 

-Matt Roth

Pay for UFC fighters under the spotlight

-Dave Meltzer

Meanwhile American mixed martial artist and political activist, Jeff Monson, wasn't content with talking about the UFC's finances and took to russian television to give us his ideas on what is needed to get the global economy back on track.

Stay tuned for more info on these and other developing stories.

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