Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The UFC vs Halloween so far....

Chuck Liddel
Bigfoot Silva
Allistair Overeem
Rampage Jackson
Felice Herrig
Seth Petruzelli
Rashad Evans
Joe Lauzon
and Ryan Bader

GSP's episode of ESPN - E:60

Monday, October 29, 2012

Jordan Breen breaks down the TUF: Jones

Sherdog's Jordan Breen is skeptical of using Jones vs Sonnen for TUF:
The fact that important fighters need to accept less-than-promised, less-than-desirable matchups because the UFC is desperate to save an antiquated, played-out concept is absurd. “TUF” can no longer produce a reasonable facsimile of UFC-calibre action or fighters, and the notion of a reality show on which people fight one another succeeding in North America seems so 2005. The vehicle still appears to have considerable upside in international markets, and that is undoubtedly the best way for the UFC to keep using it. Trying to use the show to recapture an audience that is numb to the notion and washed over with the sheer volume of fight content is backwards. The fact that the insistence on doing so still messes with entire divisions and the promotion’s key players is dismaying.
The real question is whether the payoff will validate all this in hindsight, if the juice will be worth the squeeze. The UFC has already alienated some of its own roster, as evidenced by fighter reactions to the bout on Twitter. Those who accept the matchup don’t seem excited by it but rather tolerate it as a necessary evil of Zuffa doing business. Based on Jones’ and Sonnen’s respective celebrity, media interest and the UFC doing the hard sell, this pay-per-view would have sold anyway. In that way, it seems like “TUF” is the only variable where Jones-Sonnen is really bringing something extra to the table. If Brock Lesnar wasn’t getting people to tune into “TUF,” what are the odds these two do?
Dave Meltzer though, thinks it's good for the sport:

Chael Sonnen? He's the most likely to understand his role on the show. Nothing is guaranteed, but if you're the guy having to make the decision between all these names who are available to start on Monday when it comes to picking up a declining television show, he's seems the best, and even, the obvious pick.
At that point, you have to do the fight. There are few coaching rivals in the history of TUF that after three months of television, people didn't want to see them fight.
Bad for the sport? If all fighters looked at this and thought, why is Chael Sonnen getting this shot and figured it out, nothing would be better for the sport. A promotion with 340 fighters who understands how the public reacts and 10 who don't is far superior to one with 10 who do and 340 who don't.
And at the end of the day, that's individual combat sports. Creating situations where the public wants to see two certain guys fight. Sometimes it's No. 1 and No. 2. It's easier when it is. But sometimes it isn't. Those with the right exposure who come closest to figuring out the public are the most successful. And when they are, the sport is successful. When they aren't good at figuring out the public, well, that's what's, in the long run, bad for the sport.
I think they're both right. Breen is correct in saying that the TUF model at least in North America is shot and Meltzer is also correct in saying that, if Zuffa and fox are gonna go with the existing show format. Sonnen vs Jones is, as least from a television standpoint, the best available option. It's especially hard to blame the UFC when you stop to consider that Jones wasn't even their first choice.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

R.I.P. Emanuel Steward (1944-2012)

Emanuel Steward, revered as one of the best trainers in boxing history has passed away at the age of 68. Steward trained everyone from Hitman Hearns to Wladimir Klitschko and was considered one of the most respected people in the sport. 

 “I will miss our time together. The long talks about boxing, the world, and life itself. Most of all I will miss our friendship. Rest in peace Emanuel. You will be greatly missed.” 
                                                                          Wladimir Klitschko

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Clearing the Air: Mayhem vs Helwani II


Showtime Boxing: Danny Garcia vs. Erik Morales II HL

Danny Garcia vs. Erik Morales Knockout GIF #BrooklynBoxing  on Twitpic

The MMA Beat: Episode #4 - TUF: Jones vs Sonnen

MMA Fighting's Ariel Helwani, Luke Thomas, Mike Chiappetta and Chuck Mindenhall of ESPN.com break down the Jon Jones vs Chael Sonnen TUF announcement. 


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Don Frye weighs in on weed, welfare and working for a living.

What are your thoughts on fighters using marijuana? Should it be allowed? Do you use it?
Yes it should be allowed. If it’s not tested for the welfare class, why should it be tested for the people who work for a living?


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Some touching photos of Zuffa Babe Kenda Perez


UFC on FOX: Henderson vs. Diaz - Event Poster

Rampage in the NYC: Rampage Jackson tours NYC with Ariel Helwani

Rampage Jackson tours New York City with mmafightings's Ariel Helwani and the former UFC light heavyweight champion speaks candidly about everything from his beef with the fans, to his arrest and hints at performance enhancing drug use from controversial middle weight Michael Bisping.


Saturday, September 29, 2012

RT'S Pics for the UFC on Fuel 5: Struv vs Miocic

The UFC on FUEL 5: takes place in Nottingham England and features a stacked card headlined by two exciting young heavyweights:
Stipe Miocic vs. Stefan Struve
Dan Hardy vs. Amir Sadollah
Yves Jabouin vs. Brad Pickett
Duane Ludwig vs. Che Mills
Akira Corassani vs. Andy Ogle
Paul Sass vs. Matt Wiman 
Robert Peralta vs. Jason Young 
John Hathaway vs. John Maguire
Damarquez Johnson vs. Gunnar Nelson 
Brad Tavares vs. Tom Watson 
Kyle Kingsbury vs. Jimi Manuwa

Here's my predictions

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Booing during Benevidez vs. Johnson raises questions about lighter weight fights

Despite a high paced exhibition of skill and technique by Joseph Benevidez and Demetrious Johnson in crowning the inaugural UFC flyweight champion, the fans became restless with the co-main event at UFC 152 and let it show when they reigned down boos early in the five round title fight. 

Which prompted this from UFC President Dana White at the UFC 152 post-fight press conference:
"If you didn't like the flyweight fight, please, I'm begging you, don't ever buy another UFC pay-per-view again," White said. "I don't want your money. You're a moron, you don't like fighting, you don't appreciate talent."
But one look at the numbers shows that Dana White should be careful what he's wishing for as the fans are already taking the UFC prez up on his offer and holding on to their money when the little guys are on the top of the card. Via Dave Meltzer:
Before Jon Jones was moved to the UFC 152 card, Zuffa had only sold 3000 tickets for the event when it was headlined by Benevidez vs Johnson. All of the remaining tickets were only sold after Jon Jones was added to the card just two weeks ago.
Which should be a pretty good indicator to the brain trust in Las Vegas that the lighter weights are not ready for the leading roll, as previous trips to Toronto like UFC 129 had garnered gate receipts of $11 million dollars, and UFC 140 which in December attracted 18,303 to the Air Canada Centre, for a gate of $3.9 million. While in comparison UFC 152 drew 16,800 for a gate of $1.9 million and who knows what that number would have been had Benevidez vs. Johnson been left in the main event slot and Jon Jones had not been added.

As for the boo's I think the fans viewed Bisping vs Stann as the Co-main event despite Johnson vs. Benevidez being a title fight. So when Bisping and Stann finished their fight on Saturday night the fans were ready for Jones vs. Belfort, but instead they were given five rounds of Johnson vs Benevidez. I think that has more to do with the boo's then the size of the fighters or their popularity here. Much like the boo's during the interim bantam weight title fight at UFC 149 were the result of a dreadful main card killing the heat. UFC 152 simply had the fights sequenced wrong leading to a hostile crowd, but neither fight would have been boo'd otherwise. So it's not a question of weather or not the lighterweight guys can fight and be compelling, but a question of weather or not enough people are interested in finding out.   


Chael Sonnen is in the new promo's for It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia


Monday Pick Me Up From Ronda Rousey.

Full Fight Video Highlights for Jon Jones vs. Vitor Belfort