Saturday, October 29, 2011

RT's UFC 137 Predictions

BJ Penn vs Nick Diaz
BJ Penn is going to take advantage of Mr.Diaz's porous defense and land straight counters and over hand punches, while mixing in take downs leading to an eventual TKO victory.
Matt Mitrione vs Chieck Kongo
Matt Mitrione is just way more athletic then Kongo and is going use superior speed, and foot work to beat up a very durable Kongo with leg kicks and straight punches while circling off and cutting angles until he finishes him off late in the second. 
Roy Nelson vs Mirko CroCop
Big Country is going to take advantage of Mirko's deteriorating footwork and put him against the fence and wear him out before eventually catching him with a big over hand right.
Scotty Jorgenson vs Jeff Curran
Jorgenson is the better wrestler and is quite a bit faster, he uses his wrestling in reverse to keep it standing and works over the very technical but comparably un-athletic big frog on rout to a decision
Hatsu Hioki vs George RoopHioki is very technical on the feet, he'll use crisp striking to set up some kind of trip from the clinch where he'll put away Roop with his A-class submission game.
Donald Cerrone vs Dennis Siver
Cerrone will use his length and speed on the feet to bust up Siver eventually leading Siver to attempt a desperate takedown where he'll find himself quickly caught in a triangle choke.
Tyson Griffin vs Bart Palaszewski
Tyson Griffin is better every where and he'll show it by out classing the very game, but over matched Bartimus over three rounds. 

We'll be back with video predictions for UFC 138, enjoy the fights!

Friday, October 28, 2011

UFC 137 Weigh In / Stare Down Highlight: Penn vs Diaz

Mauro Ranallo talks to Firas Zahabi about UFC 137, GSP's injury, Francis Carmont’s debut and Tristar.

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UFC 137: The Hangover

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

World BJJ Champion Allan Goes breaks down BJ Penn vs Nick Diaz

Jon Anik talks about his knew roll with the UFC.

UFC 137 Pre-Fight Press Conference with BJ Penn, Nick Diaz, Matt Mitrione, Chieck Kongo, and More.

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Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez III: Manny Pacquiao's Media Work Out

Pre-Fight Interviews with Nick Diaz, BJ Penn, Roy Nelson, Mirko CroCop, Matt Mitrione, Chieck Kongo, and Cowboy Cerrone

BJ Penn

Chieck Kongo

Matt Mitrione

Roy Nelson

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Mirko CroCop


Monday, October 24, 2011

Former UFC hostess Amber Nichole Miller talks about her most recent very sexy photo shoot

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Dana White's UFC 137 Video Blog with Very candid behind the scenes footage

Jens Pulver talks about his past, his future and why he still competes.

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