Thursday, September 15, 2011

AFC 1: Filho vs Ishii, Torres vs Fickett, Falcao vs Braga-Neto, and more

Filho vs Ishii
Torres vs Fickett

Ronys Torres vs Drew Fickett by Zee2TehPee
Falcao vs Braga-Neto

Antonio Braga Neto vs Maiquel Falcão by Zee2TehPee
Rivaldo Jr. vs Leocadio

Rivaldo Junior x André Leocádio by Zee2TehPee

with more to come

Kyra Gracie Uncovered - watch her training and rolling, only weeks out from ADCC 2011.

Video: Rampage Just Wants His Belt Back.


Freddie Roach: "Ortiz and Pacquiao have spared here before, and it was a great sparring session, one of the best I've ever seen."

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Miami Hustle Diaries: Movin On Up with Alex Vila and Jorge Masvidal

UFC vs Strikeforce on Pay Per View.

If Zuffa is going to kill off Strikeforce anyway, why not go out with a bang? An in the process introduce some of you're newly acquired talent to the UFC audience, and hopefully get rid of some of that old strikeforce merch. Well what better way to do all that, then with a UFC vs Strikeforce PPV. I booked this to take place in San Jose and replace the current craptastic card they have set now.

Pay Per View
Henderson vs Shogun

Cung Le vs  Vitor

Babalu vs Tito

Werdum vs Carwin

Woodley vs Macdonald

Televised Preliminaries
King Mo vs Bonnar

Kennedy vs Ed Herman

Bader vs OSP

Facebook Fights
Mein vs Foster

Griggs vs Pee Wee Herman

Now that's a Pay Per View worthy card right there. A hell of a lot better then this anyway.

Dan Henderson talks Fedor, Shogun, Anderson, and a possible return to the UFC.