Saturday, August 27, 2011

Arianni and Chandella take to the beach in Brazil!


MMA Live 26/08/2011 ft: Chael Sonnen, Anderson Silva, Shogun Rua, Forrest Griffen and more

Because of the scourge that is auto play, I went with links instead of vids here, enjoy.
Part I
Chael Sonnen breaks down Okami vs Silva
Part II
MMA Live previews Shogun vs Griffin. 
Part III 
More UFC 134 analysis
Part IV
Chael Sonnen talks UFC 138 and Brian Stann.

BJ Penn shooting a .500 Smith & Wesson at the Hughes farm.

Not sure what this bad boy is.......

Don't forget to DVR - Ortiz vs Mayweather 24/7 on HBO.


RT's UFC:RIO Picks - Anderson Silva, Yushin Okami, Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira, Brendan Schaub, Shogun Rua, Forrest Griffin

A Sneak Peek at BJ Penn's Brother Reagan Penn Training For His MMA Debut

Brendan Schaub tours a favela outside of Rio.

Dana White talks about the UFC on FOX debut and going up against Pac Man.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dana White on Opie and Anthony.

Part II

Showtime promo for The STRIKEFORCE Heavyweight Grand Prix Semi Finals.

Chael Sonnen talks to the MMA insiders about UFC 134 and his fight with Anderson Silva.


Countdown to UFC 134: RIO


Breaking News!!! SPIDER ALERT in effect for UFC Rio.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Lookoutawhale is back with the animated tales of Chael Sonnen.

Dana White's UFC 134 Video Blog Day 1.

FX president John Landgraf sheds some light on the new UFC / Fox deal.

UFC: 30 Seconds or Less, Knockouts and Finishes

What I'd book for UFC's November 12th debut show on Fox.

     November 12th will mark the UFC's long awaited debut on network television, with a special live broadcast that will include at least two fights. Here's the fights that I think will not only move the needle, but also provide a superb first impression with those who will be tuning in to UFC for the first time.
     Everyone who has been to a live UFC event is familiar with the ever evolving Baba O'Riley highlight package that is featured at every event. I think the UFC should open the show with something similar something like this.

     After the highlight package I'd roll out our first live fight on FOX, I like Clay Guida vs Benson Henderson for our debut fight as both guys are one fight a way from a title shot, both are action fighters, and both are charismatic & good on the mic. It's a fight that should happen any way and Fox is the prefect place to get the most eye balls on this fight and help the winner build to a ppv fight with whomever the champ is come November 12.

The Main event of my UFC on Fox show would be "The Prodigy" Bj Penn Vs Carlos "the Natural Born killer" Condit. Bj Penn is one of the UFC's bigger draws and Carlos Condit is an exciting fighter, coming off a spectacular ko vitory, in a fight that would have definite title implications and be very very fun to watch. It's a great fight that will make for great television.

Sunday, August 21, 2011