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Fedor Emelianenko talks Dan Henderson, UFC, Strikeforce and wanting to train with Josh Barnett

Q: Fedor, last weekend was really difficult for you. How is your mood, and most important how are you feeling?
A: Thank you, I feel great. Mood is also good. I`ve already recovered and I am ready to train.

Q: Last three fights ended as a defeat for you. What do you think is the reason for this result, maybe psychological aspects or mistakes during training?
A: I can`t say that we did something work or didn`t managed to do some work. To every fight we were preparing like for the last. And during all these 3 fights I felt that I can win. It seemed like I`m already holding a victory in my hands, but every time it slipped away.
I take it like God`s will. That I have to go through it, through this streak.

Q: Do you feel anger when you enter a ring?
A: No, I never feel anger. I`ve never inflamed myself, like some sportsman do. I think that you have to treat your opponent with big respect. Ignore some speeches, because it`s not only sport, but it`s also a show. Many fighters try to unbalance you with some statements, speeches and disgraceful behavior.

Q: So, you control yourself. You never want no fire back?
A: No, absolutely not. I think that man doesn`t have to exchange for empty rhetoric. And that russian man has to behave with dignity, because first of all we represent our country.

Q: After you last fight with Dan Henderson there is a lot of talk according to judging. What is your opinion on it?
A: It seems referee stopped a fight too early. It seems to me.
But how many times referee`s hesitation leaded to serious consequences. There were serious injuries. I can`t judge the referee. Judging wasn`t prejudiced, so if he made a mistake I don`t think he did it on purpose.

Q: Do you want a rematch.
A: Rematch? I want to fight.

Q: So that means that you are ready to continue fighting?
A: You know, right now I`m thinking about a little bit different things. I have an addition to family. Thank God, to this date the situation stabilized and I can breathe easy. Because there were difficult situation with a health in my family.

Q: How your family supports you? For sure they are very nervous for you.
A: Yes they are. But they support me. They take everything as it is and support me. Nobody despair. Nobody said: "Retire, leave the sport". Absolutely not. Everybody support me. I don`t read internet, all the trash talk. But people that I meet, they come to me and support me ask me to not leave the sport.

Q: What do you want to do when you`ll finish your sport career?
A: I think for now I will continue competing. I will fight. In the future I think I`ll pass my knowledge to young guys. And will think what I have to do to be helpful to my country and people.

Q: About young guys. Why you prepare with young guys from your club, and not hire or invite sparring partners like many other fighters do?
A: I believe in my guys. I see that they also can win and see their future as best fighters. I don`t think there`s a reason to invite somebody from abroad. There`s a lot of chatter about it, of course, unnecessary. But I don`t want to blame people around my for my failures. This isn`t like it at all. Everybody worked hard for a result and everybody tried to help.

Q: Dana White stated that you are fired. How correct these statement is?
A: This is statement in Dana White`s style. I had no contract with Strikeforce. I have a contract with Showtime. So I think that was just a loud utterance, and you just don`t have to pay attention to it.

Q: So it doesn`t affect your future career?
A: Absolutely. I`m free from Strikeforce, UFC. We made a contract the way to not work directly with these organizations. Because when we worked with Pride, Affliction ran into some troubles that led to unpleasant consequences.

Q: You said you want to fight. Who are you interested in meeting in a ring?
A: I don`t think about who I want to fight already for a long time. Anybody who I haven`t competed against yet. There`s a lot of worthy opponent. Starting with top10 or top20.

Q: And from a stars of past years?
A: Not in a ring, the very interesting person is Igor Vovchanchin, we are friends. And also I would like to train and to chat with Josh Barnett, haven`t seen him for a while.

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