Saturday, April 23, 2011

Miller Vs A train, Lil Nog Vs. Ace, Donald Brashear to compete in MMA? Tips from the Janitor and More

       Hot on the heals of his signing with the UFC, Mayhem Miller already has someone on his dance card, his next fight will be against Aaron "A Train" Simpson at UFC 132 on July 2 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
 Mayhem hasn't fought since his win over living legend, The IQ Wrestler, Kazushi Sakuraba all the way back in September 2010. He hasn't fought in Strikeforce in over a year, since the post fight, in cage, brawl in Nashville."These things happen in MMA."
       This is the first big signing of a former Strikeforce fighter since Zuffa bought out Strikeforce and since the Strikeforce deal, UFC president Dana White has repeated the mantra of "business as usual." Busness as usual, in that the UFC and Strikeforce would continue to compete for fighters. In Miller's case, his contract had expired, and he hadn't had any Strikeforce fights in more than a year making him eligible to negotiate. I think this is just a sign of things to come, So does the inimitable Luke Thomas. To wit:
With pressure on the UFC to have Strikeforce lightweight champ Gilbert Melendez be tested against elite UFC lightweights or Nick Diaz to face Georges St. Pierre, the coherence of Strikeforce as an entity is under assault. Miller's signing only further underscores the dubious proposition Strikeforce, in its current form, offers fighters or the sport itself.
As the integrity of the roster crumbles by having top talent slowly bleed into the UFC, the idea that fighters will want to sign with Strikeforve over the UFC or that it's even a brand to keep alive will slowly fade. If there are contracts in place that have to be maintained, then there's little the UFC can do but wait. Wait they will, though. The trajectory is clear: the future of Strikeforce is no future at all.
Like Luke, I think it's probably just a matter of time and a few contractual formalities with showtime, then Strikeforce will be folded into the UFC.
Former NHL tough guy Donald Brashear is taking his knuckle game to MMA,  inking a one fight deal with an option for two additional fights, with Canadian-based Ringside promotions. One of the most feared and respected enforcers during his run in the NHL, Brashear is the first profesional hockey player to dip his toe in to MMA. He has yet to apply for a license but provided he get his application in and there are no hang ups, we could see Bam Bam Brashear fight as soon as Ringside 11 in Quebec City, June 4th. Here's another Former NHL enforcer Georges Laraque in a Wrestling Match with welter weight champ Georges St.Pierre.

Vladimir MatyĆ¼shenko is here with his inaugural Tips from the Janitor.

Rich Ace Franklin Vs. Antonio Rogerio Minotoro Nogueira at UFC 133
Former middleweight champion, Rich "Ace" Franklin will return to action in the light heavyweight division against  Little Nog at UFC 133 in Philadelphia August 6th. With both fighters coming off losses, Franklin to Forrest and "Lil Nog" to Mr. Wonderful Phil Davis I'd expect a real barn burner here.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Watch Manny Pacquiao Record His Debut Single

MP "Sometimes When We Touch"
Check out the PacMan, Dan Hill Collabo on hill's 1977 ballad Sometimes When We Touch.

News: Shogun's Back With Rafael Cordeiro, ESPN MMA LIVE 22-4-2011, WTF is UFC Central? Frank Mir, Fedor, Munoz, Werdum, Overeem, Mayhem Miller, Plus Fights For Torres, Belfort, Sexyama, and More.

Shogun reunites with Master Rafael Cordeiro plus Fabricio Werdum, Mayhem Miller, Mark Munoz at Kings MMA.

Frank Mir Talks UFC 130, Fedor, Dana White, Alistair Overeem & Roy "Big Country" Nelson.

ESPN MMA LIVE 22-4-2011

MMA Live: 
Pt. 1 
Pt 2 
Pt 3 
Pt 4
WTF is UFC Central? Maybe a new 24 hour MMA network?

Vitor Belfort vs Yoshihiro "Sexyama" Akiyama, Brian “Bad Boy” Ebersole Vs. Dennis “Superman” Hallman and Alessio Sakara and Jorge Rivera UFC 133 in Philadelphia. Plus Demetrious Johnson will step in for Brad Pickett against Miguel Torres at UFC 130. 
Fabricio Werdum is a Real Man - Real Men Don't Buy Girls Campaign?


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No Video Moniters for Judges in Nevada, Luda Chills with Big Nog, A New Natasha Wicks Pic, A New Ariani Celeste Photo Shoot Video, Plus Mark Hominick, The Ti Cats, The Rough Riders, and Norm Macdonald

This is just another case of government officials trying to justify a broken policy and avoid any potential heat for not having remedied the video monitor situation sooner, thusly avoiding many of the bad decisions that we are seeing as a result of judges not having the best tools available to properly do their job.
Former Octagon Girl Natsha Wicks
Twitter pics via bloody Elbow
Hominick to team with Tabbys for UFC 129  Mark The Machine Hominick will wear a Ti-Cats' hat as he enters the octagon, and his shorts will sport Tiger-Cats' logos and an ad for via a sponsorship deal he's struck with the CFL club. It's a good fit demo wise, and they're even offering a chance to win a contest to meet Hominick at their inaugural MMA night when the Ti-cats take on the Saskatchewan Rough Riders.

PLAYBOY cover girl Arianny Celeste from DMG (Donsville Media Group) on Vimeo.

Watch Fedor Train In Holland With K-1 legend Ernesto Hoost, and M1 Prospects Maxim Grishin, Viktor Nemlkov and Dmitri Samoilov.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The UFC's Brittney Palmer's Sexy Photo Shoot , The MMA HOUR with Joe Rogan, and Junior Dos Santos plus Jose Aldo - Up Close and Personal, and of course Fight Announcements

UFC 129 Video: Jose Aldo - Up Close and Personal

The MMA Hour With Joe Rogan, Junior dos Santos, Tom Wright, Matt Mitrione

Ross the Boss Pearson vs. Edson Barboza, Spencer "The King" Fisher vs. Thiago Tavares, and Luiz Banha Cain vs. Stanislov Nedkov have all been booked for UFC:RIO, while Mizugaki vs. Bowles has been added to UFC 132.

Urijah Faber feels like they're laughing with Dominick Cruz not at him.

Monday, April 18, 2011

News: Brittney Palmer Playboy Video? MMA Live Extra, Shogun Comes Home, Sort Of. Amir Khan Re Ups With Golden Boy? It's Fighting Stupid Now With More Brittney Palmer.

The UFC's Brittney Palmer Playboy Video

MMA Live Extra

Chael Sonnen's Got A Date With The NSAC.
According to what Kizer has told ESPN, Sonnen will appear in front of the NSAC on April 27th to re-apply for both his fighter's license and second's license, AKA a cornermen's license.
But why the whole commision? 
"I don't feel comfortable granting his licenses based on his background. I feel the issues surrounding him are important enough for him to go before the full commission. That way, the commission will be able to discuss the issues that arose with respect to his last bout in California, as well as his recent criminal conviction."
Sounds to me like Mr.Kizer is going to make an example out of Mr.Sonnen. Sonnen is a highly visible star that brazenly lied to a  state commission about his PED use and his dealings with Mr. Kizer and the NSAC. A strong message will have to be sent to other fighters that fighters will be held accountable regardless of their standing with big commission benefactors like Zuffa. Mr. Kizer, this is that opportunity, don't waste it.
It looks like after going through his camp for his championship loss to Jon Jones, in Curritiba with out a head coach to run his camp. He's opted for a change of scenery and  It looks like he will be re uniting with one of his former chute boxe trainers in Rafiel Cordeiro at Kings MMA in L.A. California.
“I will make my training camp at Kings MMA because I have so much respect for Rafael Cordeiro, He invited me, and I agreed with him that it would be a good way to develop my game. He’s one of the best coaches ever in the history of MMA, I’m going for him and for the other athletes there who are all great fighters, like Wanderlei Silva and Fabricio Werdum. I don’t know if Anderson Silva will be there, but the others are great.” via sherdog.
 I think this is a big step in the right direction, As Werdum, Babalu, Mayhem and Munoz have all looked a lot better since moving to Kings and with Shogun having looked his best while under master Cordeiro's tutelage. I'd say it looks like Shogun means business, we will have to wait and see when he attempts to avenge his loss to Forrest Griffin when they re match at UFC:RIO in August.   
Amir King Khan Re Ups With Golden Boy.
looks like Amir Khan will be staying with Golden Boy through at least four more fights, which is good for them as their roster has become notably thin and Amir Khan is very exciting and still young.
Who is next for him? who knows? Hopefully a rematch with Mcloskey! One thing I do know, is when he does fight, I'll be watching.
New Brittney Palmer Pics




Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fedor Train's With Johan Vos, What'd Couture have to say about Gina jumping camps? Plus Eddie Bravo On The Joe Rogan Podcast.

Watch Fedor Train With Johan Vos In Holland.

What'd Randy Couture have to say about Gina jumping camps?

"I'm all for it," Couture told MMA Junkie. I want all the fighters at my gym to go wherever they need to go to get what they need to progress and become the best fighters they can be,They can't always get that at Xtreme Couture. I think they have more females training down there (at Jackson's), and I think she wanted to get her camp jump started, She's assured me that she's still a part of Xtreme Couture, and I wasn't worried about it anyway, She's great for the sport. She's a great person, and I think she's going to be fantastic this summer" said Couture . Gina returns June 18th at the second installment of the strikeforce heavyweight grand prix from the ACC in Dallas. Stay tuned to It's Fighting Stupid for 360° coverage.
Eddie Bravo on the Joe Rogan Pod Cast.


Amir Khan vs Paul McCloskey, Juan Manuel Lopez vs. Orlando Salido, Bellator 41, Brock Lesnar Fighting Words and More.

Juan Manuel Lopez vs. Orlando Salido

Amir Khan vs Paul McCloskey

Amir Khan vs Paul McCloskey Part II

Bellator 41

Fighting Words with Brock Lesnar
PitBull vs Reis Finsih
Pitbull vs Reis Finish

Joe warren post fight.