Saturday, April 9, 2011

Strikeforce Diaz vs Daley: Weigh In, MMA live 08/04/2011, and Condit Vs. Kim @ UFC132

It'll be The Natural Born Killer Vs. The Korean Stun Gun @ UFC 132 When Carlos Condit vs Don Hyun Kim at 170 lbs July 2nd From Las Vegas.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Strikeforce PPV In July, To Feature Fedor Vs Dan Henderson In A 205lbs. Super Fight?

Rumours are swirling at places like mmaweekly and bloodyelbow that Strikeforce is targeting July for their inaugural pay-per-view broadcast, but a specific date and location have yet to be determined. This would probably feature the second half of the Heavyweight grandprix with Overeem, Werdum, Rogers and Barnett. But I think the July date is more interesting in that it is when both Dan Henderson and Fedor are looking to fight next. This coupled with Henderson's lack of an opponent and Fedor's recent musings about moving to 205. I think we maybe seeing the ground work for a super fight between Strikeforce's two biggest draws. We'll Keep You Posted.

UPDATE: Mousasi - "Showtime really wants a Henderson vs Fedor fight."
"After this fight, maybe (I'll) fight a title fight but it depends because I hear Dan Henderson is going to fight Fedor. Maybe I shouldn't have said that. If that happens then I have to wait even longer so hopefully I can stay busy in Japan."

"I wouldn't fight Fedor. Last week he was in Holland, I was training with him. So that fight is not going to happen. But I think Showtime really wants that fight so if that happens I have to sit and wait (for) when I get my chance." via

God Damn! Watch The UFC's Johnny Hendricks KO TJ Waldenburger @ UFN 24

Thursday, April 7, 2011

TUF 13: Episode 2


Frank Mir On Roy Nelson And Fighting Training Partners, Paul Daley On Selling Out, Nick Diaz is Overworked, Jardine's Last Stand, Mousasi under pressure , Interviews with Aoki, Fancy Pants, Scott Coker, Thiago Silva's Suspension To Last A Year, Plus Penn Out Of UFC 132.

Nick Diaz

Frank Mir talks Roy Nelson, and fighting training partners and more. 

Watch Frank Mir talks Roy Nelson, Randy Couture and Ultimate Fighter 13 on
Paul "Semtex" Daley

Gilbert "El Nino" Melendez

Keith "The Dean Of Mean" Jardine

Gregard "The Young Vagabond" Mousasi

Lyle "Fancy Pants" Beerbohm

Shinya "Tobikan Judoka" Aoki

Tatsuya "Crusher" Kawajiri

Scott Coker
Thiago Silva Suspended For A Year.
Thiago Silva was suspended one year and fined for providing a synthetic urine sample to the Nevada State Athletic Commission after his UFC 125 win over Brandon Vera.
Silva was fined 20% of his $55,000 purse and $20,000 of his $55,000 win bonus. His suspension was retroactively dated to January 1st, which means that Silva can apply for a new license on January 2nd, 2012.
Silva told the commission that he secured the synthetic urine from He poured the urine into his testing vial while the NSAC inspector stood behind him. Silva said that three herniated discs in his back caused him a great deal of pain during training camp.
The commission admitted that their inspectors were at fault for not catching the cheating process.

 ESPN: Sources BJ Penn Out For UFC 132  and Dave Meltzer Piles On.
B.J. Penn’s next fight is up in the air. Penn suffered an undisclosed injury and is getting it looked at and getting an MRI done this week. Depending on how that goes will depend if he’s moved back a show or given a new opponent for 7/2.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The UFC's Arianny Celeste Goes Topless For FHM.

Dropping Bombs: Dana White's 40 Best F-bombs, Real Life Super Hero Enson Inoue Discusses Aid Work In Japanese Disaster Zone, plus GSP, Shields, Aldo, Hominick, Couture and Machida.

Dropping Bombs: Dana White's 40 Best F-bombs via middle
Real Life Super Hero Enson Inoue Discusses Aid Work In Japanes Disaster Zone w\
You went by yourself, right?
I went by myself because I actually didn't have anyone who offered to go with me. I had a lot of people telling me not to go though!

What was it like driving up through Fukushima and into the areas that were badly hit by the tsunami?

Driving up through Fukushima felt like I was stepping outside into the rain. Like something came over me when I realized what I was doing. The highways were like roller coasters. Because of the earthquake there were cracks everywhere and the roads were really rippled with ups and downs all over the place. I have a radiation detector, and I was constantly checking that as I was going up.

What did you take up?

I had a Hummer loaded of supplies. I had over 100 pounds of rice, cases of water, curry, ramen, tampons for ladies, diapers for babies, diapers for elderly, a lot of junk food. You know for me, what I would be wanting is potato chips and chocolate. A lot of clothing, a lot of socks, anything I could think of. My Hummer was just filled.
Yamato-damashii personified. 

UFC 129 In Depth Preview Video

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mayhem Miller, Tuf 14, Griffin @ 145 against the Manvil, Chael Sonen's got the NSAC pissed, Arlovski's trainer hopes he retires and Thomkins talks Hominick Vs. Aldo

It'll be The Cat Smasher Vs. The Axe Murder @ UFC 132. When Wanderlei "the Axe Murderer" Silva takes on "the Crippler" Chris Leban in a 185lbs show down July 2nd, from the MGM Grand Garden Arena, in Las Vegas Nevada. It's Fighting Stupid will be on the scene with 360° Coverage live from the event.  
At least not according to Dana White:
UFC president Dana White today told ( no decisions have been made about the head-coaching slots for the show, which debuts in September on Spike TV.

But White also said Sonnen "has a ton of problems" to deal with, which makes a rumored "TUF 14" coaching slot against Michael Bisping unlikely.

The "Wrestling Observer" recently reported that UFC officials have explored the possibility of the polarizing Sonnen and Bisping as coaches for the upcoming season, which is the first to feature bantamweight and featherweight fighters. Production begins this summer.

However, due to his failed drug test at UFC 117 (due to elevated testosterone levels), Sonnen recently concluded a six-month suspension he received from the California State Athletic Commission. However, he still has a sentencing date after pleading guilty to a federal money-laundering charge as part of a 2006 real-estate deal. (At Friday's upcoming sentencing hearing, he's expected to receive two years of probation, a $10,000 fine and the revocation of his real-estate license.)

Sonnen also would need to deal with the Nevada State Athletic Commission and get re-licensed before he could coach on "TUF." During his CSAC hearing back in December, Sonnen claimed that NSAC executive director Keith Kizer was aware of and approved the fighter's past testosterone-replacement therapy (TRT) during his fights in the state. Sonnen said the same therapy caused his failed CSAC test.

Kizer has denied those claims and said he's never spoken to Sonnen about TRT. (Kizer wasn't available for comment when contacted today by

UFC officials ultimately "froze" Sonnen's contract in the wake of the real-estate charges, and the fighter has turned down most interview requests since news broke.
 It's nice to see the commission show a little bit of backbone here despite the heavyweight clout the UFC brings to bat. Mayhem Miller was on the MMAhour and had this to say about the situation.
"First of all, I'm glad that the Ultimate Fighter is getting back on track by putting two guys who are going to be absolutely entertaining on the television," he said. "You got the Republitard vs. The Limey. It's going to be great. It's a step in the right direction. But I still say, give me a break. I'm way more entertaining, and I'll beat both of those guys up."

Tyson Griffin Vs. "The Manvil" Manny Gamburyan set for UFC On Versus 4. It'll be Griffin's first fight back at 145. Hopefully it goes better then his last few at 155lbs.

After Being KOed in 3 of his last 4, Andrei Arlovski's Long-Time Coach Thinks He Should Hang 'Em Up. It's a tough call when it comes to fighters calling it a career, for every Bas Rutten there's a Chuck Liddell who would have happily fought his way into James Toney territory. For Arlovski's part it looks as though he will continue to fight as he has announced he will be training full-time at Greg Jackson's MMA.

Tompkins Likes Hominick's Chances Against Aldo.

Watch Shawn Tompkins talks Aldo, Hominick, Roop and Grispi on

Monday, April 4, 2011

Fight Camp 360° Pacquiao vs Mosley Episode 1

Part I

Part II

Strikeforce: Melendez vs Josh Thomson II and Paul Daley vs Scott Smith, Plus 09/04/2011 Daley vs Diaz

Featured Fight: Gilbert Melendez vs Josh Thomson II

Featured Fight: Paul Daley vs. Scott Smith

Joe Rogan On Fedor, Eddie Alvarez on the UFC, Mousassi on Jardine, Vasquez vs Stevens, Deigo on Grass, Cover boy Mark Hominick and Rumble says "Fuck Dan Hardy".

According to Joe Rogan: "Fedor cant be rolling around Fat."

Eddie Alvarez doesn't wanna be a disposable fighter.
“It means I’m still somewhat in-disposable. If I was among that group, I’d be disposable immediately the day that my contract was taken over by Zuffa, so… I feel like I still can have some sort of say with where my career goes and what sponsors I want to get and whether I want to be in a video game or not. There’s a lot of things. The whole signing with Zuffa thing is a big control issue with me and I don’t know, I just… I’m happy that they’re doing what they’re doing but right now I don’t know if it’s the right move for me.”

Gregard Mousassi: I've got everything to lose and nothing to gain.
Joe "Daddy" Stevens vs Javier "Showtime" Vazquez looks like it's on at 145lbs for UFC on Vs. 4. It will join Pat "HD" Barry vs. Cheick "King" Kongo and Rich Antonitto vs Matt Brown on the March 4th card.
One more reason to hate Deigo Sanchez, he blames the devils lettuce for his falling out with Jesus, ya that Jesus. According to the website Sanchez links to, the weed is the Devils way in to your brain. But this same website also had this gem: 

"The Homosexual Movement (HM) has gained many “victories” over the past year—you can thank YOUR sodomite-loving president for this!

WOW! Doing the sex-thing in the butt and doing oral sex (males) and doing the female sex-thing—having sex the PERVERTED, UNNATURAL, ABOMINABLE way—will make America safer?? I guess “pink perversion” in the military will make the military stronger, braver, and more patriotic?

Get serious, Prez! I don’t think a pre-schooler would believe this pile of BARF!"
 So maybe take that with a grain salt.
Fuck Dan Hardy Its Not My Fault He Cant Wrestle - Rumble Johnson

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ivan Calderon vs Giovani Segura. Mayweather owes $3.4 Million, Brock Lesnar's BJJ chops, El Nino speaks, Gina Carano Moves Camps? plus Pat Miletich to fight Roy Jones Jr?

Calderon vs Segura 108(lbs) Junior Flyweight Tile.

 Money Mayweather owes the IRS 3.4 Million in Back Taxes on his $25 million pay day against Juan Ma. Couple that with charges of domestic violence, grand larceny, coercion and robbery, and the tax man might be the least of Floyds worries. Maybe they'll drop the charges if he fights Pac-Man?
Jay Heiron talks Brock Lesnar's BJJ Show at Extreme Couture:
"The guy is just a whole different animal. It was his first time back to training since the Cain fight and he was just under 300-pounds. It was something different and we never had a beast quite like that at our gym. It mostly consisted of BJJ and wrestling. A lot of rolling. He also helped some of us in the wrestling department. He did some sparring with Randy. You do not realize how strong he is and how fast he is unless you are there training or fighting him. I fight at 170 and I'll be the first to tell you that he was much faster than I was. It's shocking actually - the way he was just throwing guys around. Couture had him go through rounds of rolling. One person would step in, roll with Brock for 2 minutes then step out and someone else would go in. Forrest Griffin was there, Vitor was there, I was there, Sefo was there. We had a bunch of guys. He was incredibly strong, we would just go in there and get submitted a couple times and get out. He caught Forrest in the same straight armbar three times in the two minutes they were rolling. The only one he didn't tap out was Vinny [Magalhaes] but it was more of the same. I don't think anyone was able to get top position without him giving it up. It was a fun experience."
But Hows the Striking coming?
Gilbert "El Nino" Melendez talks Kawajiri, Diaz, the Zuffa sale, his future and more.

Miletich talks about a Potential Roy Jones Jr. Fight.
Word on the street is Gina Carano has left Xtreme Couture for Jackson MMA. We'll keep ya posted.

Bellator 39. Alvarez vs Curran, Sung vs Saunders, and more.

Bellator 39: Toby Imada vs Patricky Pitbull Ferreire, KO of the year?