Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekly Stupidity.

Welcome to It’s Fighting Stupid's Weekly Stupidity where your boy EL DANDY, gets you caught up on the latest news and notes from the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Here... we.... go.... 
This week It's Fighting Stupid brought you the years best of the best in mma, boxing, journalism, and more. We had the return of Holly Madison, Chuck Liddell's retirement, Chael Sonnen's indictment, Steven Seagal's words of wisdom, the announcement of both Strikeforce's Heavyweight Grand Prix and TUF 13's coaches IE: Brock Lesnar and Jr. Dos Santos. All that in addition to It's Fighting Stupid's °360 coverage of UFC 125.
We got 2011 started right with °360 coverage of UFC 125, from the open work out, prefight press conference, Chucks retirement through the event and into the fall out, the post fight press conference, interviews, ring card girl pics, the roster cuts, bonuses and even Volkmann's beef with Obama.
After UFC 125 we shifted from drama in the octagon to drama in the court room as UFC Middleweight contender and bloodyelbow's personality of the year Chael Sonnen was charged with money laundering in connection to a mortgage fraud/kick back scheme. Since his indictment Chael has been temporarely suspended by the UFC putting the kybosh on a rumored fight with Sexyama at UFC 128, a fight that would have taken place just ten days after his sentencing.
 Speaking of legal issues, Strikeforce and Fedor cleared up theirs as Fedor has agreed to a contract extention and as if that wasn't big enough news, Strikeforce president Scott Coker announced plans for a 8 man heavyweight grand prix. A grand prix that would not only feature Fedor but also include K1, Dream, and Strikeforce Champ Alistair Overeem, as well as, Fabricio Werdum, Josh Barnett. Andrei Arlovski, Sergei Kharitonov, Junior Sliva, and Brett "Grim" Rogers. The rules are set but not all the dates and locations have been confirmed, word on the street is that Canada is a definite possibility to host an event featuring the semi finals of the Grand Prix.
and to close the week out Uncle Dana finally let us in on who would coach this season of TUF. Waiting longer than usual to name the coaches, speculation ran rampant as to who would coach the thirteenth season of the UFC reality television show. Would it be Sonnen and Wandy? Faber and Torres or Cruz? Maybe Maynard and Edgar? Well the UFC vastly exceeded expectations by announcing the participation of the notoriously reclusive and media averse Brock Lesnar against current number one contender, knock out artist Junior Dos Santos for a shot at UFC heavyweight Champ Cain Velasquez. This can't help but be good. 

01/22/11 UFC Fight for the Troops Dunham vs. Guillard
until next time protect your neck!

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Strikeforce Heavyweight Grandprix Rules.

  • The only five-round fight will be the final.
  • The Strikeforce heavyweight championship will not be on the line
  • If any fight is ruled a draw, a "fourth judge" will determine who advances.
  • If a fighter cannot continue in the tournament, a five-person tournament committee will determine a replacement from reserve bouts and eliminated fighters. From JoshGrossESPN he says SF's GP Review Committee is: Cory Schafer, Dale "Apollo" Cook, Al Wichgers, Guy Mezger & Steve Alley. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Some Words Of Wisdom From Anderson Silva's Trainer, Steven Seagal

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Brock Lesnar vs Junior Dos Santos To Coach TUF 13 and Headline UFC 131 in Vancouver.

Dana was set to announce the TUF 13 coaches, when the UFC website let the cat out of the bag for him. TUF 12 will be coached by Brock Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos, who will meet at UFC 131 in Vancouver B.C. Now the new question is, was Brock able to leverage his coaching job into a purposed bout at Wrestlemania with the Undertaker?

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Strikeforce Grandprix in Canada?

Dates and venues for the semifinal and finale events have not been solidified, and there are no plans, at the moment, for any tournament leg to take place at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, the promotion’s homebase. Instead, Coker said Strikeforce is exploring holding one of the events in Montreal or Toronto, which would mark the promotion’s debut on Canadian soil.
Spring's heating up in Canada.


Scott Coker, Josh Barnett, Andrei Arlovski and Brett Rogers On MMA Junkie Radio.

MMA JUNKIE RADIOCoker (48:23), Barnett (62:00), Arlovski (77:00), Rogers (101:00) all weigh in on The Strikeforce Grand Prix.