Sunday, October 30, 2011

UFC 137 Post Fight Press Conference Highlights


  1. what a whiny frickin baby! God, I hate Nick Diaz. You can't buy yourself a house in a new neighbourhood because you dont have time!? What the hell do you think the rest of the world does? Quits their job and focuses on buying a home for 3 weeks. Granted, I dont know how much you make Diaz, but im guessing you make more per fight (every 3 months you say) than i make in a year, maybe two. suck it up you whiny POS. i hope GSP humbles you like no other! There, I just said that.
    Best Regards,
    Captain Awesome Esq.

  2. Nick Diaz is bat shit crazy no doubt about it, But he's still one of the most entertaining and interesting characters in MMA. Plus I think you'll get your wish and see GSP but a serious as whoopin' on Diaz come February. Thanks for commenting Captain Awesome Esq.