Monday, May 2, 2011

Shunichi Suzukawa Vs Jerome Lebanner.

Shunichi Suzukawa Vs Jerome Lebanner. Shinichi Suzukawa? Ya, that Shinichi Suzukawa, the won that stiffed Coleman in a worked Shoot Wrasslin’ match back in september of last year. The one Phil Baroni talked about on Cagepotato?
"It was supppose to be a pro wrestling match. It was suppose to be 3 min.
Coleman was suppose to win. The fat fucking douch scum bag didnt do the match the way it was suppose to be. That film was eddited. The Fat didck was suppose to tap from a head lock. He would not and kept rope escaping. Coleman squeezed hard a few times and burnt him self out trying to get the guy to tap.

After taking hard open hand hits knees and the guy not going by the way the match was planned, an exhausted Coleman said fuck this. If he wants to really fight lets do it in Dream or Sengoku. Im out of here, fuck this. I got the match on a week notice and it was suppose to be 3 min pro wrestling match. Not a shoot fight.
And walked out. His team edited this video. If that douch bag wants to fight Coleman will fight him and kill him anyday. Or he can fight me."
Well it looks like JLB knocked his ass out, and evened the score for the seniors tour. I'd still like to see team hammer house vs these guys:

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