Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mariusz Pudzianowski vs James Thompson - KSW 16


  1. I am a bodybuilder and I used to have this ideea that big muscular dudes should be very good fighters but when I first saw Thompson fighting I was absolutely surpised that he was so weak.
    Later on, when Pudzianowki announced his entrance in the MMA world I was hoping that Thompson was an accident and that phisical strenght will prevail. Obviously I was wrong.
    I still believe that bodybuilding is the best fight sport, as it`s very rare for guys to pick up a fight with huge scary individuals. We can say that bodybuilding is like a vaccin against street fights.

  2. Well you're way off when it comes to Body Building as the best fight sport. Providing they're with in 50 pounds of each other a trained fighter is going to beat a body builder every time. Wrestlers in particular are the baddest dudes on the planet. That said 90% of people are not trained fighters and a beast of a body builder is gonna fuck em up. Thanks for commenting.


  3. As a former professional judoka I admit that what you are saying is 100% true. I am sure a trained fighter will beat a bodybuilder at any time, but what I ment is that bodybuilders are more likely not to be picked on in most of the cases, as they are very big and look menancing. On the other hand, a wrestler, no matter how good he is, doesnt have the phisique of a bodybuolder, therefore no one will know he is a professional fighter and he will get picked on.
    To conclude,I believe bodybuilding is the best fighting sport, as it keeps you away from fights :)

  4. I'll agree with that, body buildings gotta be the #1 deterrent to fights out side of very poor personal hygiene ;)