Monday, May 2, 2011

Joey Karate Is Back, Zahabi Thinks Diaz is Next, Luke Thomas Hopes So, Freddie Roach Thinks Pacquaio Looks "Better than Ever" and we have the UFC 130 preview video.

Joey Karate Is Back With 10th Planet Kush: UFC 129 Edition

Zahabi Thinks Diaz is Next.
"We haven't sat down to talk about (what's next)," Zahabi told Helwani. "I'm sure the UFC is going to want Nick Diaz. He deserves a shot. He's put on great performances and his last fight was extremely exciting."

Luke Thomas thinks Georges St. Pierre should fight Nick Diaz.
From SB Nation
"A question was posed from a Brazilian journalist to UFC President Dana White about the future prospects of George St. Pierre vs. Anderson Silva. … That’s when I heard Nick Diaz quietly say as if to suggest “why not me?” the following simple statement: “I want to fight George St. Pierre.”
I want Nick Diaz to fight Georges St. Pierre, too."
The UFC desperately want an exciting fight out of GSP, and if there is one person on the planet who could coax a wild and wooley affair out of the UFC champ, It's the Strikefore welter weight champion Nick Diaz. The stockton bad boy is the antithesis of Georges.Where St.Pierre is measured and controlled, Nick Diaz is fiery and barely contained. Where Georges employs a safety first style, Nick Diaz seems to fight in spite of it, and the differences don't stop in the cage. Georges media persona is polished to a perfect sheen with concise cookie cutter answers ready for any question and a custom suit to match. Nick Diaz on the other hand is legendary for just the opposite, his stream of consciousness style interviews can go anywhere and everywhere, but never stray far from his brand of psychological gangster warfare. What these contrasts make for is a truly exciting fight, from the build up to the scrap, If the UFC is looking for an exciting fight they wont have to look far.

UFC 130: Frankie Edgar vs Gray Maynard video preview. I cant wait for this.

Freddie Roach Thinks Manny Looks "Better than Ever".


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