Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nick Diaz Would Not Do Well In The UFC.

Nick Diaz Would Not Do Well In The UFC. 

There I said it. It pains me to have to say it, as I am a big Nick Diaz fan but there is a big gap between being the best in Strikforce at 170lbs and being the best in the shark tank that is the welter weight division in the UFC.

 Since 2008 Diaz has fought Katsuya Inoue, "Iron" Mike Aina, Mushin Corbrey, Thomas "Wild Man" Denny, Scott Smith, Marious Zaromskis, Mach Sakurai, Frank Shamrock, KJ Noons, Cyborge Santos and Paul "Semtex" Daley.  Of those eight fights only KJ Noons and Paul Daley were ranked, you'll also note that there is not a grappler in the bunch 

- In his prime shamrock had the chops but by the time he fought Diaz his knees were gone and so were his take downs, so he's not a good barometer -

If Strikeforce goes ahead with Tyrone Woodley against Diaz, I guess we'll finally get to see Diaz's take down defense, but again, against an un-ranked opponent who is still very green. After that who knows but, all signs point to the UFC and when it comes to the UFC's welter weight roster there are plenty of grapplers and non of them are green.

Guys like Josh Koscheck, Jon Fitch, BJ Penn, Diego "Nightmare" Sanchez, even guys like Anthony Johnson, Rick Story, and Johnny Hendricks are all tough matches for anybody, in that they all have the tools to get on top and rough you up. This is particularly troublesome for Diaz, for as much as we've seen him improve his stand up, and show off his BJJ, we have yet see him show off any wrestling. Seeing is believing and until I see Nick Diaz avenge his loss to Sanchez or beat some one with comparable wrestling/grappling IQ any pound for pound talk, even any #1 contender talk is pre mature. 

Nick Diaz is compelling, entertaining and painfully talented. But he wouldn't do well in the UFC.

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