Thursday, April 14, 2011

News: Vitor Belfort Calls Out Wanderlei Silva, Norm Macdonald Cracks Wise, NSAC's Keith Kizer Talks Chael Sonnen, plus Njokuani vs. Winner, Mcdonald vs Pace, Fukada vs. Natal, but not Gomi vs. Barbosa?

Nsac director Kieth Kizer was recently on Pro MMA Radio and gave a quick run down of the issues Chael is going to have to get straightened out if he wants to get sanctioned in California and inturn Nevada.
"There are four issues involved here. One is his PED use. He's claiming now that he used testosterone for fights here in Nevada. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. I don't know. I'm not even sure if I believe that. His tests came back negative. He wasn't over the ratio. His T/E ratio was 16.9 (in Oakland). We have a high cut off ratio here of 6.0 and he wasn't above that when he fought in Nevada. Maybe he was in a situation where he's thinking 'I'm in a world title fight, I need to do something special.' We've had that with other people in world title fights where guys have a lot on the line and they get caught."

"The second thing is being dishonest. Not to me, but to the California commission. That's who he was disrespectful for."

"The third issue was with the referee. That ties more to the second issue. It's a person's character. Sonnen after the meeting wrote me a long e-mail and he told me he wasn't honest with people after the (Paulo) Filho fight (in the WEC) and he had verbally submitted and he'd been frustrated because he'd been doing so well. It was out of frustration of being so close to the belt. There are still people to this day who think he got screwed over for that fight, that he hadn't yelled out in pain ... Even now though, it's been months since the hearing, I haven't heard anything publicly from Sonnen admitting that he hadn't spoken with me. It's one thing to criticize if a ref does a bad job but just lying about what happened is never an acceptable situation. That comes into play as well. What can be done, if anything, going forward especially if you have no public correction of the mis-statements."

"The fourth issue is his legal case. Every fighter has to list on their applications if they've ever committed a felony and he has to check 'yes' on that now because he pleaded guilty. That's the least of the issues but these are all serious issues. The people that know Chael Sonnen and know Keith Kizer didn't believe him over me. You hope that he'd do the right thing but I'm not holding my breath."
Sounds like Mr.Kizer, is looking for Mr.Sonnen, to eat a bit of that bullshit, he's been shoveling at every turn. That said If Mr. Sonnen's willing to be a good sport and own up to his misdeeds we should see the west Lynn lip is back in action in no time.  
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 Norm Macdonald Cracks Wise On The UFC.

Nick Pace debuts the "Pace choke" on Will Campuzano.

Anthony "the Nigerian Money Scam" Njokuani vs. Andre Winner Set for UFC 132, Clay Specialist Rafael Natal will take on Riki Fukuda and Mayday Mcdonald will fight Nick Pace at UFC 133
Don't Get Your Hopes Up For Edson Barboza Vs. Takanori Gomi. Barbza's Manager Alex Davis called TATAME this morning and poured cold water on the rumored fight between Barboza and The former Pride champion Takanori Gomi.“We don’t have any information about that fight, and we’d be honored if the UFC wants Junior to fight in Rio, against Takanori Gomi”, Davis told TATAME. Refering to the UFC planned for Rio on August 27th.

Pacquiao vs Mosley Ring Girl Contest, Rnd 1.

Do you know when you’ll be back in the octagon, or do you have any Idea of who you might confront next?

I’m still waiting. They’ve offered me Wanderlei and I accepted it, but it seems that he didn’t want to fight me after all, so I’m waiting now for an opponent.

Wanderlei challenged you via TATAME and you accepted his proposal. Dana White seemed favorable to this rematch and things were all good, then Wanderlei started asking for Leben on his Twitter. What are your thoughts about that?

Well, my friend, what can I do? The thong is a men’s whip and he needs to learn to talk less and fight more. But, what I can do, right? That’s life, bro, I don’t care about it, I’m focused for my next challenge. I don’t care about names, I don’t pick my opponents, and I always focus 100% in my next fight, independently of who I’ll fight with.

Were you disappointed when you heard you weren’t fighting Wanderlei anymore?

For me it’s ok, I don’t live to build up my expectations on men, I hope things come through God, and that’s just life. Sometimes we lose, you can get surprise other times and we have to be prepared and ready for it, because we can’t guarantee results. I’m the kind of guy who likes to do what I say, I don’t like saying and don’t keep up with it.

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