Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fedor Train's With Johan Vos, What'd Couture have to say about Gina jumping camps? Plus Eddie Bravo On The Joe Rogan Podcast.

Watch Fedor Train With Johan Vos In Holland.

What'd Randy Couture have to say about Gina jumping camps?

"I'm all for it," Couture told MMA Junkie. I want all the fighters at my gym to go wherever they need to go to get what they need to progress and become the best fighters they can be,They can't always get that at Xtreme Couture. I think they have more females training down there (at Jackson's), and I think she wanted to get her camp jump started, She's assured me that she's still a part of Xtreme Couture, and I wasn't worried about it anyway, She's great for the sport. She's a great person, and I think she's going to be fantastic this summer" said Couture . Gina returns June 18th at the second installment of the strikeforce heavyweight grand prix from the ACC in Dallas. Stay tuned to It's Fighting Stupid for 360° coverage.
Eddie Bravo on the Joe Rogan Pod Cast.


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