Friday, December 3, 2010

°360 COVERAGE STRIKEFORCE: Dan "Hollywood" Henderson vs. Renato "Babalu" Sobral



STRIKEFORCE: Henderson vs. Babalu Preview Show With Luke Rockhold

STRIKEFORCE: Dan Henderson vs. Babalu Sobral - Sat Dec 4th SHOWTIME

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chael Sonnen's suspension reduced!

Chael Sonnen's 12 month PED suspension has been reduced to six months and a $2500 fine by the CSAC.

It’s Fighting Stupid - Weekly Stupidity 02/12/10

It’s Fighting Stupid - Weekly Stupidity 02/12/10

       Welcome to It’s Fighting Stupid's Weekly Stupidity where your boy EL DANDY, gets you caught up on the latest news and notes from the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Here... we.... go....
       First on the docket was the fall out from UFC 123 and the controversial decision between Rampage Jackson and Lyoto Machida. It's fighting stupid had you covered with thoughts on the decision from Randy Couture, Kenny Florian, Anderson SilvaDana White, and Ariel Helwani.At the post fight press conference, Dana White confirmed BJ Penn will face Jon Fitch in Sydney, Australia at UFC 127. It was booked immediately after Penn removed Matt Hughes from consciousness.
     Saturday November 27th, was like xmas for a boxing fan. It's fighting stupid, played Santa bringing you Berto vs Hernandez, Katsidis vs Juan Manuel Marquez, Ward vs Bika, and Super Six action with Froch vs Abraham from Helsinki Finland. We had some sweet footage of Manny Pacquiao training from Esther Lin. Then to bridge the gap we had Freddie Roach, talk about the upcoming GSP vs Koscheck rematch on December 11th.

     We talked about Goldberg's grill , Ryan Bader talked Jon Jones, Cain Velasquez and Vale Tudo in Mexico. Mayhem Miller started a website and asked an interesting question.....Is Nick Diaz scared homie(s)? or Just smarter then anyone ever gave him credit for ?  
This week we've got a double dose of that sweet sweet MMA action this Saturday with Strikeforce: Babalu vs Henderson.
I'm conflicted as these are two of my all time favorites, it's gonna be like watching your wife and mistress duke it out!..............If they we're missing teeth............and were covered in scars and tattoos..............and had an amazing capacity for controlled violence............So maybe its nothing like it. Fuck off. 

The Second serving of our MMA feast comes in the form of The Ultimate Fighter 12 finale this is a sleeper card that features some quality match making like Rick "Horror" Story vs Johnny "Not Jimi" Hendricks. I'd be willing to bet my kids on this being a barn burner.....if I had kids that is. Also on this card Damian Maia and Spider Grove in what should be a weird grappling clinic and in the main event "the American Psycho" Stephan Bonnar takes on Igor Prokrajac on Spike. 
 and because Im enjoying using this word balloon tool so much....
So until next time protect your neck!

Don't Be Scared Homie.

     Mayhem Miller wants to fight Nick Diaz. He wants to fight Nick Diaz so bad he took Nick's rallying cry of "don't be scared homie" and turned it into a chronicles the rivalry and includes such choice posts as.

Time Line:
1)Diaz mocks Mayhem's painted hair.

2)Mayhem mocks the Diaz ramble:

3)November 7th 2009, Diaz teammate Jake Shields beats Mayhem Miller in a closely contested 5 round middleweight title fight at 185lbs.

4)January 31st 2010 Nick Diaz  becomes Strikeforce welterweight champion by defeating Marius Zaromskis at 170lbs.

5)April 17th 2010, Nick Diaz and the Ceasar Gracie fight team, jump Mayhem Miller in the cage, after Mayhem requested a rematch with Jake Shields at Strikeforce Nashville.

6)Nick Diaz fought twice last year at 183lbs, Mayhem would be happy to fight at 183lbs.

7)November 23rd 2010, Nick Diaz's trainer Ceasar Gracie goes on MMA JUNKIE radio and campaigns for the fight to take place at 178lbs.

8)November 29th 2010, Mayhem goes on the Rogan podcast and says that 178lbs is not an option. 

9)November 29th 2010, Scott Coker goes on the MMAhour with Ariel Helwani and says Strikeforce wants to book Diaz vs Miller.

From here it looks like Mayhem is doing everything he can to make the fight happen and Nick seems like he doesn't want anything to do with it. Not that I blame Nick Diaz, he is on a roll and just won the Strikeforce welterweight title at 170lbs. To come up and fight a huge middle weight like Mayhem at 185lbs doesn't make much sense career wise. With the way Nick Diaz carries himself and the whole reputation built on his anytime, anywhere attitude, it really seems like Diaz should make it happen. Otherwise we are left asking one another............. is Nick Diaz scared homie?   

Monday, November 29, 2010

Pac-Man by Esther Lin


The Monday Night Wrap Up. Berto, Marquez, Katsidis, Froch, Abraham, Ward, Bika.

Andre Berto vs Freddy Hernandez

Fact: Andres brother has fought mma.

Juan Manuel Marquez vs Michael Katsidis

Whose down for J.M.M. vs Pac Man III? I know I am.

Carl Froch vs Arthur Abraham:

"You can't cage the Cobra" - Carl "the Cobra" Froch

Andre Ward vs Sakio Bika

S.O.G. is a Bad S.O.B.

What'd You Think of the Machida-Rampage Decision?

Couture talks judging and Machida-Rampage decision

"He was doing a good job of cutting off the cage against Lyoto but I thought really that Lyoto was more effective in that first round." - Kenny Florian

"We don’t know what kind of criteria the judges are using to score the fights. Unfortunately, it’s American territory, American soil, he fought an American, and he didn’t knock him out." - Anderson Silva

"They see some superficial things like Rampage moving forward the whole time in that fight and they attribute that to him winning those rounds." - Randy Couture

"I think Lyoto Machida’s style is starting to work against him. Moving backward and really trying to stay away is not appealing to the fans and obviously the judges are not looking for that." - ESPN writer Franklin McNeil

"I had Rampage winning the fight." - Dana White

"I had Rampage two rounds to one" - Ariel Helwani,