Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pac Man vs KJ?

Jeff Rossen makes the case over at sherdog.
To Pacquiao, it’s just idle talk that media will blow out of proportion. (Like I’m doing now.) But Team Pacman should acknowledge an opportunity when they see it.

A celebrated boxer in an MMA fight during his prime would be a tremendous spectacle that doesn’t require any cooperation from the UFC. The matchmaker decides how good or bad Pacquiao would look in any kind of fight, and in this case, the matchmaker would be Arum. Feeding him a stylistically-advantageous striker might be transparent to the die-hards, but to the rest of the world, it would be a rebuttal to the James Toney/Randy Couture fiasco of last weekend. If MMA can steamroll Toney, why couldn’t boxing put an MMA guy through the meat grinder?

Put Karl James Noons in the ring with him and you’ll see a boxing match with five-ounce gloves. Better: you’ll see Noons willing to give Pacquiao a rematch under boxing rules if things don’t go Pacquiao’s way. It’s a way of salvaging egos and cashing in on a fight series instead of a single-night take; it restores some of boxing’s mojo in the face of MMA’s rising popularity; it appeals to two different sports-fan demographics; it makes Pacquiao a ton of cash without being dependent on a bratty Floyd Mayweather; and if Noons beats Nick Diaz in October, he’ll even have the stroke of being a current world champion, lending everything an air of legitimacy.
     What I like is the fact that KJ would box Pac Man, if Pac lost his MMA debut. What i don't like is the fact that KJ is a big 55er and has enough of a ground game to make it real nasty real quick. Doesn't matter it won't happen but it'd be cool if it did. 
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"Patrick Cote is a piece of Shit." - Michael "the Count" Bisping

Bisping on Cote' and Sonnen:
"Patrick Cote is a piece of (expletive)" says Bisping "I've met Patrick Cote a couple of times. I've always found him to be okay, we've shook hands and I've had no issue with Patrick Cote and then out of the blue, he's talking (expletive) about me.
"He's just trying to make himself relevant again and he's trying to talk himself into a fight with me, which I'm not going to oblige" he continues. "I know I'm talking about him now because you asked, but I've just distanced it. I think I'm above Patrick Cote and he's beneath me. He needs to stop talking (expletive) about me and get his arse in the gym and try and win a fight".
Another middleweight who has been linked to a fight with Bisping is Chael Sonnen, with the latter saying on the MMA Live show that he will "bury Bisping where he stands" if he addresses him in public again. That hasn't settled too well with the thirty one year old, despite Bisping being impressed with his recent performances.
"Recently, he's looking phenomenal. I mean, (in) his last three fights he's been very dominating and he's been great" says Bisping. "I think personally he's a bit of a tool to be honest. Okay, he's great at what he does and I've definitely laughed my arse off at some of his comments. I think he's great, he's awesome at promoting a fight, he really is, but he's delusional and he's so far up his own arse it's unbelievable".
"I'd love to fight Chael Sonnen" he continues. "He said on MMA Live that if I ever address him in public again that he'll bury me where I stand. It's big words and I take offence. I mean I'm laughing now, but he's got a cheek to go on international television and say that.
"That's basically threatening me. He's not saying he'll fight me in the cage, but he said he's going to bury me where I stand, which obviously, I take issue with ever so slightly. But whatever, leave him to it".
For the record if the "Count" ever fought Sonnen, the build would have some of the most epic trash talk to date. Followed by the most savage beating Bisping's ever seen.

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Cole Miller puts Frankie Edgar on Blast.

Full interview at
They see Edgar or these other bouncy wrestler types and fans are like “oh…he fights you everywhere,” when in reality they don’t fight you anywhere - Cole Miller

Matt Horwich returns from the cosmos to take on Eric "Im not Nino" Schambari


"Matt Horwich has been booked for a Bellator 28 fight against season two semifinalist Eric Schambari on Sept. 9 in New Orleans." - Ray Hui

Chael Sonnen with the Realness

Expecting Frankie Edgar vs Gray Maynard to do big business is about as optimistic as holding on to Jim Morrison's mail.
                                            - Chael Sonnen

Bellator 27 Highlight: Joe Warren vs. Joe Soto

Joes's talking about the 2012 olympics, when he should be thinking about two thousand and twelve rounds of boxing and muay thai. Because with a rounded out game the baddest man on the planet could be something special, but with his striking where it is, he's just another horse in the race.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Don Frye on UFC 8 and fighting three times in one night.

Don Frye on fighting Gary Goodridge after already fighting twice that evening.

Jonathan SnowdenOne other thing people may not understand is how different it was to compete multiple times on a single night. You don't really see the tournament much anymore. How does that change things? I can imagine you get your adrenaline up and then have to go back and relax, then do it all over again.
Don Frye: Oh Yeah. It's like getting drunk and suffering a hangover, then getting drunk and suffering another hangover and then getting drunk again. All in one night. You had your ups and downs. By the time you crashed physically and mentally, it was time to pull your gear on and go back out. When you hit that third fight you didn't even bother stretching out or warming up. You just pulled your t-shirt off.
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Bloodyelbow has the scoop.
Alves called out Mike Pierce earlier today, but it looks like Doomsday Howard is gonna get a crack at the Pitbull @ UFC 124 in Montreal on the GSP vs KOS card. Leaving the potential barn burner betwen Pierce and Alves to marinate for later.

Some clips from Once I was a Champion: Evan Tanner.

Bro, did you hear about Karo Parisyan Vs Dennis Hallman @ UFC 123 bro? by R.T.

Karo Parisyan Vs Dennis Hallman @ UFC 123? According to Ariel Helwani its a definte possibility. 

Less than a year after Dana White tweeted that Karo Parisyan would never fight again in the UFC, "The Heat" has been welcome back to the organization and offered a fight against Dennis Hallman at UFC 123 in Auburn Hills, Mich.

MMA Fighting confirmed the news with two sources close to the situation, as well as Parisyan himself Thursday afternoon.

Both Parisyan and Hallman have yet to sign the bout agreements, which have been issued to both fighters, but both fighters have verbally agreed to the welterweight bout.

Nice to see Karo back in the big show, lets hope he got the help he needed while he was away! 

You dont know Karo Bro?

Ref Yves Lavigne talks about the blown call at UFC 115.

R.T. of Fighting Stupid caught up with referee Yves Lavigne at WEC 49 in Edmonton where we discussed his controversial stoppage of a bout between Mac Danzig and Matt Wiman.

Everyone slips up sometimes Yves, keep your chin up.