Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wanderlei Silva vs Chael Sonnen?

Maybe.............It all started back at Ultimate Fight Night 22 in Austin Texas, When Wanderlei told Chael, in true Wanderlei style, to show some respect and not talk crap about brazil and the nogueira borthers. @ 3:50

and now it looks like this rivalry is picking up steam via twitter:
"Wand, you might as well fill out your own toe tag. Where is says "Cause of death," just write, "I pissed off a Gangster."" -Chael Sonnen

"Sonnan you start tolk about me, becarful or you go need call to your dentista" -Wanderlei Silva

"Take your comebacks, write them down on a sheet of paper. Roll it up tight, soak it in water, freeze it overnight, then jam it up your ass." -Chael Sonnen

With Sonnen off serving a suspension for PED's and Wandy recovering from knee surgery, we'll have to let this one marinate for a while, but I'm sure it'll only get better from here.

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