Thursday, December 2, 2010

Don't Be Scared Homie.

     Mayhem Miller wants to fight Nick Diaz. He wants to fight Nick Diaz so bad he took Nick's rallying cry of "don't be scared homie" and turned it into a chronicles the rivalry and includes such choice posts as.

Time Line:
1)Diaz mocks Mayhem's painted hair.

2)Mayhem mocks the Diaz ramble:

3)November 7th 2009, Diaz teammate Jake Shields beats Mayhem Miller in a closely contested 5 round middleweight title fight at 185lbs.

4)January 31st 2010 Nick Diaz  becomes Strikeforce welterweight champion by defeating Marius Zaromskis at 170lbs.

5)April 17th 2010, Nick Diaz and the Ceasar Gracie fight team, jump Mayhem Miller in the cage, after Mayhem requested a rematch with Jake Shields at Strikeforce Nashville.

6)Nick Diaz fought twice last year at 183lbs, Mayhem would be happy to fight at 183lbs.

7)November 23rd 2010, Nick Diaz's trainer Ceasar Gracie goes on MMA JUNKIE radio and campaigns for the fight to take place at 178lbs.

8)November 29th 2010, Mayhem goes on the Rogan podcast and says that 178lbs is not an option. 

9)November 29th 2010, Scott Coker goes on the MMAhour with Ariel Helwani and says Strikeforce wants to book Diaz vs Miller.

From here it looks like Mayhem is doing everything he can to make the fight happen and Nick seems like he doesn't want anything to do with it. Not that I blame Nick Diaz, he is on a roll and just won the Strikeforce welterweight title at 170lbs. To come up and fight a huge middle weight like Mayhem at 185lbs doesn't make much sense career wise. With the way Nick Diaz carries himself and the whole reputation built on his anytime, anywhere attitude, it really seems like Diaz should make it happen. Otherwise we are left asking one another............. is Nick Diaz scared homie?   

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