Monday, November 29, 2010

What'd You Think of the Machida-Rampage Decision?

Couture talks judging and Machida-Rampage decision

"He was doing a good job of cutting off the cage against Lyoto but I thought really that Lyoto was more effective in that first round." - Kenny Florian

"We don’t know what kind of criteria the judges are using to score the fights. Unfortunately, it’s American territory, American soil, he fought an American, and he didn’t knock him out." - Anderson Silva

"They see some superficial things like Rampage moving forward the whole time in that fight and they attribute that to him winning those rounds." - Randy Couture

"I think Lyoto Machida’s style is starting to work against him. Moving backward and really trying to stay away is not appealing to the fans and obviously the judges are not looking for that." - ESPN writer Franklin McNeil

"I had Rampage winning the fight." - Dana White

"I had Rampage two rounds to one" - Ariel Helwani,

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