Saturday, September 11, 2010

the New TFC 155lbs champ Mitch Clarke

the New TFC 155lbs champ Mitch Clarke
Round 1:
The two fighters feel each other out before Machan lands a left followed by a combo against the cage. Clarke secures a takedown and lands in side control. Clarke lands a few elbows before Machan gets back to his feet. Clarke again secures a single leg takedown and lands in side control before moving to north/south position. Clarke pins the arm to the mat and lands shots before Machan is able to replace half guard. Clarke moves to side control and Machan again gets back to half guard. Clarke sinks in a guillotine. The referee looks to step in to stop the fight but Machan waves him off and gives a thumbs up. Clarke looks for a far side armbar but Machan defends. Clarke gets back to his feet but eats a few upkicks before falling back into the guard of Machan. Clarke lands a handful of huge rights from inside the guard until the bell sounds to end the round.
scores the round 10-9 for Clarke Round 2:
Machan opens with a wild looping shot but Clarke ducks under the punch and sends Machan crashing hard to the mat with a beautiful suplex. Machan is briefly dazed, long enough for Clarke to wrap his arms around the neck and sink in the rear naked choke. The referee finally steps in when he see Machan lose consciousness.
Mitch Clarke defeats Josh Machan via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in Round 2, 0:43
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