Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mosley v Mora may have stunk up the joint, but Ortiz and Alvarez showed us what it's all about.

 Victor Ortiz is working hard to re establish himself at 140lbs and though he's beating guys he should beat it's the way he's doing it that makes it fun to watch. Here he is last night blasting Vivian Harris, scoring knock downs at 4:28, 5:06, and 5:39 before finishing the job at 8:49. Here's hoping for a step up in competition and maybe the much talked about Maidana re-match.

But the bigger story and better prospect to emerge last night was Saul "Canelo" Alvarez. the 2o year old Alvarez became the first man to ever stop Carlos "TaTa" Bladomir in over 16 years. Despite promising to knock the freckles off the ginger, Baldomire had nothing for "Canelo". Who landed close to 80% of his power shots in the final round before dropping Baldomir like he'd been shot, face down out cold.


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