Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I’ve accomplished more in MMA than 95% of the other fighters have - Sean Sherk

From a Sherdog radio interview with Sean Sherk:

Coming back after a long layoff, it seems like some people have written you off. You’re a big underdog in this fight (2-to-1). In the last 7 1/2 years, you have three losses — all to UFC champions (Georges St. Pierre, BJ Penn, and Frankie Edgar.) Do you feel you’re getting a raw deal from the media and some of the fans?
“To be honest with you, I don’t ever go online. I don’t read any press. I don’t read any interviews. I don’t listen to what the fans say, it really doesn’t matter to me, you know. I’ve been the underdog. I’m actually surprised that I am the underdog. I’ve accomplished more than 95% of the fighters in the world have accomplished so it kind of surprises me that I would be considered an underdog. But, uh… you know, whatever. That’s great, you know. I’ve been dealing with adversity and stuff like that my entire career so I guess this wouldn’t be any different.”  
                                             Sean Sherk
Sean Sherk is a tough guy with a long list of accomplishments, and he'll be able to add losing to Evan Dunham @ 119 to that list on September 25th. Sherk's just not the same caliber of athlete and as time goes by he's gonna find this happening more and more. Sherk is still relevant, just not relevant to the title picture, Evan Dunham is.


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