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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Chuck Liddell Officially Retires

     Chuck Liddell has officially retired from MMA. The news was broke by UFC president Dana White at Wednesday's UFC 125 press conference in Las Vegas. Where he announced that "The Iceman" was calling it a career in order to accept a position as the new UFC executive vice president of business development.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing's 2010 - The Good & Bad



Kick Boxing's Ten Best Kicks, According To "The Voice" Michael Schiavello.

Peter Graham's Rolling Thunder Kick
Want to see then ten best kicks in kickboxing history? Then who better to compile the list then "The Voice" Michael Schiavello? Nobody that's who, this guys "seen more kicks then a Las Vegas chorus line." You can check out his list here.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tatsuya Kawajiri and Hiroyuki Takaya's open workout with Takeshi Yamada

Crusher Kawajiri takes on Josh "the Punk" Thompson and Street Fight Bancho aka: Hiroyuki Takaya takes on Bibiano Fernades at DREAM:Dynamite 31/12/10 in TOKYO, Japan.

Alistair Overeem "The Reem" episode 12.


You can catch the other 11 episodes here.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Eddie Wineland, with the Slam of theYear? WEC 53


E. Dub with a short "power bomb" or "spine buster" if you will.

It’s Fighting Stupid - Weekly Stupidity 21/12/10

Welcome to It’s Fighting Stupid's Weekly Stupidity where your boy EL DANDY, gets you caught up on the latest news and notes from the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Here... we.... go.... 

So nice we did it twice. We're giving you two editions of Weekly Stupidity in one. This week we've got UFC 124, Kyle and Gary's Super Awesome Podcast, Rachell Leah, Dana White, Khan vs Medina, Hopkins vs Pascal, The K1World Grand Prix, Brittney Palmer and The WEC's last show

We started out the week with the K1 World Grand prix, late Friday night from the Ariake Coliseum, in Tokyo, Japan. The one Night 8 man Tournament delivered big and so did it's fighting stupid.

From Japan we went across the Pacific to Montreal Qc. for UFC 124 St. Pierre vs Koscheck, it's fighting stupid had °360 coverage with Dana's pre fight video blogs, El Dandy's break down on Kyle and Gary's super awesome pod cast right through the open work outs, the weigh inthe fights, and into the post fight presser and interviews.

Later on Saturday we went from MTL to Las Vegas where Amir Khan took on Marcos Maidana, in a damn good card featuring the Magic Man, and Victor "Not Tito" Ortiz all in very good fights.

From Las Vegas we hauled ass to Glendale Az. for the WEC's farewell show. To celebrate we took a look back with a thank you post and a look at the ten best fights in WEC history. From there it was right into °360 coverage of WEC 53 from the weigh in , to behind the scenes sneek peaks, and right through the fights, and into the MATRIX and back for the post fight interviews.
showtime kick? or Matrix Kick?

From Glendale we headed back to Quebec to the Pepsi center in Quebec city for Hopkins vs Pascal for the WBC light heavyweight title. It was damn good, but not even close to as good as when Rachelle Leah weighed in on Greasing in MMA with this
UFC 125 1/1/11 
Until next time, protect your neck!


Cruz vs Young Gunz Recap.

Showtime Pettis vs Smooth Henderson

Ivan Mejivar vs One Punch Picket

Jean Pascal vs Bernard Hopkins Recap

Well, I guess we know where Rachelle Leah stands on greasing.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Showtime Pettis lives in the Matrix

Showtime spring board roundhouse kick.

Thanks for the memories, World Extreme Cagefighting.

I had the privilege of  attending two WEC shows, one at the Palms in Vegas and one at the Rexall center in Edmonton. Each time the WEC brought it. You can expect them to bring it again at their last show, tonight 8pm on the Score up north and on versus down south.

WEC 53 Behind the scenes with the big 4 and the last WEC show ever.

the WEC's last weigh in.



10)WEC 24 Hermes Franca vs Nate Diaz: This was a great fight and a hell of an introduction to the other Diaz bro.

9)WEC 48 Jose Aldo vs. Urijah Faber: This fight showed what the WEC could be with the big show treatment, it showed how scary Jose Aldo is and just how big Urijah Faber's heart is.

8)WEC 9 Chris Leben vs Mike Swick: This fight was a glimpse into the future all the way back at WEC 9

7)WEC 49 Mark Hominick vs Yves Jabouin: A technical striking showcase that I was lucky enough to see in person.

6)WEC 38 Donald Cerrone vs. Jamie Varner I: The fight that started one of MMA's best rivalries was one of the years best and most controversial and will go down as one of the best in WEC history.

5)WEC 40 Miguel Torres vs. Takeya Mizugaki: Was a fight of the year candidate that made Miguel Torres a star and earned Takeya Mizugaki universal respect.

4)WEC 31: Paulo Filho vs. Chael Sonnen: a strange fight that led one fighter to a UFC title shot and the other to put off an over due appointment with a shrink 

3)WEC 43 Benson Henderson vs. Donald Cerrone : This 155lbs title fight was technical, gritty and down to the wire, a great example of what real MMA looks like.

2)WEC 36 Donald Cerrone vs. Rob McCullough: Was 3 rounds of war and introduced everyone to the Cowboys hard charging style.

1)WEC 34 Miguel Torres vs. Yoshiro Maeda: Showed what the WEC was all about heart tenacity and world class mixed martial hearts.

Monday, December 13, 2010

K1 World Gradprix 2010

Ewerton Teixeira vs. Errol Zimmerman (reserve fight)

Alistair Overeem vs. Tyrone Sprong

Gokhan Saki vs. Daniel Ghita

Semmy Schilt vs. Kyotaro

Peter Aerts vs. Mighty Mo

Semi Final #1

Semi Final #2


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Amir Khan vs Marcos Rene Maidana (2010-12-11) HBO Boxing

Press Conference Highlights and post fight interviews with Dana White, Alves and more

Press Conference Highlights

Dana White

Thiago "Pit Bull" Alves

Jimothy Miller

Mark Bocek

UFC 124 Georges St-Pierre vs Josh Koscheck 2

Sean Pierson vs Matt Riddle

Mark Bocek vs Dustin "Mclovin" Hazelett

Dan Miller vs Joe "El Dirte" Dirkson

Thiago "Pitbull" Alves vs John "Doomsday" Howard

Mac Danzig vs Joe "Daddy" Stevens

John "the Bull" Makdessi vs Pat "Awesomely Awesome" Audinwood

Jim Miller vs Charles "Da Bronx" Oliveira

Sean "Big Sexy" McCorkle vs. Stefan Struve

Georges St-Pierre vs Josh Koscheck 2

Thursday, December 9, 2010

It’s Fighting Stupid - Weekly Stupidity 09/12/10

    Welcome to It’s Fighting Stupid's Weekly Stupidity where your boy EL DANDY, gets you caught up on the latest news and notes from the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Here... we.... go.... 
The week started out with the long awaited California state athletic commission hearings regarding, both Chael Sonnen's suspension for PED's and Josh Barnett's failed drug test (Drostanolone) for which he was denied his license. The hearings themselves were anti-climactic as Barnett was promptly told that he should probably get a lawyer as this is not a standard license renewal hearing and the Strikeforce heavyweights case was rescheduled yet again.  Sonnens trial was a little more lively: from Mike Fagan of
The California State Athletic Commission reduced Chael Sonnen's suspension by six months and maintained a fine of $2,500. A motion to uphold the year-long suspension failed by a vote of 2-2.
The two-hour long hearing was largely a circus. Sonnen's doctor - wearing a black t-shirt, chewing gum, and avoiding eye contact with anyone in the room - was brought in to explain his diagnosis of hypogonadism and subsequent prescription of testosterone injections. He was also unable to provide documentation of a fax sent to the athletic commission regarding Sonnen's testosterone uses, claiming that it wasn't kept in Sonnen's medical folder.
Sonnen claimed that he provided all documentation request of him by the California State Athletic Commission. He explained that he felt uncomfortable discussing his condition in front of other fights as it would bring back thoughts to his childhood of being teased for not going through puberty.
The commission reduced the suspension even though three of the four commission members seemed to agree that Sonnen broke the commission's rules regarding banned substances.
 But Chael wasn't done there shortly after having his suspension reduced, Chael was stirring the pot. Via twitter.
"Wand, you might as well fill out your own toe tag. Where is says "Cause of death," just write, "I pissed off a Gangster."" -Chael Sonnen

"Sonnan you start tolk about me, becarful or you go need call to your dentista" -Wanderlei Silva

"Take your comebacks, write them down on a sheet of paper. Roll it up tight, soak it in water, freeze it overnight, then jam it up your ass." -Chael Sonnen
Wanderlei Silva vs Chael Sonnen?
We had °360 coverage of STRIKEFORCE: Dan "Hollywood" Henderson vs. Renato "Babalu" Sobral with the prefight press conference, weighin's and preview show right up to the full event and through the post fight interviews. It was an action packed night of fights in the Lou.

Lawler vs Linland
Daley vs Smith
Henderson vs Babalu
     The TUF 12 finale also went down Saturday and was good. With fun fights like Johnny Hendricks and Rick Horror Story and Stephan Bonnar vs Igor prokr'notgonnaworkhereanymore. But will most likely be remebered for Nam Pham getting absolutely robbed against Leonard "Bad Boy" Garcia and Joe Rogan's subsequent tirade on the NSAC and the current state of judging in MMA. Fightlinker had a different take on Garcia's sway over the judges:

      The best of the rest from tuff 12, happened during the un aired prelims. Like Pablo Garza's KO of Fredson Paixao and mazzagatti channeling Ronnie Lott.
and the Big league debut of the "Pace Choke" Nick Pace strangled Will Campuzano.
 and I cant believe it's almost been a year.....
GSP vs KOS on Saturday, keep it locked here for °360 Coverage. Plus I'll be on Kyle and Gary’s Super Awesome Podcast! Saturday breaking down the fights and talking all things MMA so make sure and check it out.
So until next time protect your neck!

When the Pitbull Bites - A Thiago Alves Documentary

Thiago Alves takes on John Howard at UFC 124, here is a sweet career retrospective on the welterweight destroyer.

When the Pitbull Bites - A Thiago Alves Documentary

Count Down To UFC 124: GSP vs KOS

124 Georges St-Pierre vs Josh Koscheck: Pre Fight Interviews

"I learned to roll with it."

"Maybe I am a bad guy?"

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"UFC on Versus 3" is taking shape for March 3rd.

The UFC's third card on Versus is taking shape, with 2 big fights being announced today.  MMAweekly is reporting that Mark Munoz has agreed to take on CB Dollaway in a middleweight tilt and is reporting a sweet fight between Diego "Nightmare" Sanchez and Martin "the Hitman" Kampman are also scheduled for a welter weight clash on the March 3rd show.


Wanderlei Silva vs Chael Sonnen?

Maybe.............It all started back at Ultimate Fight Night 22 in Austin Texas, When Wanderlei told Chael, in true Wanderlei style, to show some respect and not talk crap about brazil and the nogueira borthers. @ 3:50

and now it looks like this rivalry is picking up steam via twitter:
"Wand, you might as well fill out your own toe tag. Where is says "Cause of death," just write, "I pissed off a Gangster."" -Chael Sonnen

"Sonnan you start tolk about me, becarful or you go need call to your dentista" -Wanderlei Silva

"Take your comebacks, write them down on a sheet of paper. Roll it up tight, soak it in water, freeze it overnight, then jam it up your ass." -Chael Sonnen

With Sonnen off serving a suspension for PED's and Wandy recovering from knee surgery, we'll have to let this one marinate for a while, but I'm sure it'll only get better from here.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Florian's hurt, Melvin Guillard to take on Evan Dunham.

"A knee injury has forced Kenny Florian to pull out of his January fight with Evan Dunham. Melvin Guillard has been tapped as his replacement."

Last time Melvin fought he stunk up the joint, hopefully he remembers to put on a bit of a show before, Evan Dunham puts another Clementi on the young assassin.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

STRIKEFORCE: post fight interviews

Hollywood Henderson

Scott Coker

Paul "Semtex" Daley

Ruthless Robbie Lawler

Pezao Silva

Strikeforce: Babalu vs Henderson (full event)

Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva vs. Mike "MAK" Kyle

"Ruthless" Robbie Lawler vs Matt "the Law" Linland

Paul "Semtex" Daley vs Scott "Hands of Steal" Smith

Dan "Hollywood" Henderson vs Renato "Babalu" Sobral

Friday, December 3, 2010

°360 COVERAGE STRIKEFORCE: Dan "Hollywood" Henderson vs. Renato "Babalu" Sobral



STRIKEFORCE: Henderson vs. Babalu Preview Show With Luke Rockhold

STRIKEFORCE: Dan Henderson vs. Babalu Sobral - Sat Dec 4th SHOWTIME

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chael Sonnen's suspension reduced!

Chael Sonnen's 12 month PED suspension has been reduced to six months and a $2500 fine by the CSAC.

It’s Fighting Stupid - Weekly Stupidity 02/12/10

It’s Fighting Stupid - Weekly Stupidity 02/12/10

       Welcome to It’s Fighting Stupid's Weekly Stupidity where your boy EL DANDY, gets you caught up on the latest news and notes from the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Here... we.... go....
       First on the docket was the fall out from UFC 123 and the controversial decision between Rampage Jackson and Lyoto Machida. It's fighting stupid had you covered with thoughts on the decision from Randy Couture, Kenny Florian, Anderson SilvaDana White, and Ariel Helwani.At the post fight press conference, Dana White confirmed BJ Penn will face Jon Fitch in Sydney, Australia at UFC 127. It was booked immediately after Penn removed Matt Hughes from consciousness.
     Saturday November 27th, was like xmas for a boxing fan. It's fighting stupid, played Santa bringing you Berto vs Hernandez, Katsidis vs Juan Manuel Marquez, Ward vs Bika, and Super Six action with Froch vs Abraham from Helsinki Finland. We had some sweet footage of Manny Pacquiao training from Esther Lin. Then to bridge the gap we had Freddie Roach, talk about the upcoming GSP vs Koscheck rematch on December 11th.

     We talked about Goldberg's grill , Ryan Bader talked Jon Jones, Cain Velasquez and Vale Tudo in Mexico. Mayhem Miller started a website and asked an interesting question.....Is Nick Diaz scared homie(s)? or Just smarter then anyone ever gave him credit for ?  
This week we've got a double dose of that sweet sweet MMA action this Saturday with Strikeforce: Babalu vs Henderson.
I'm conflicted as these are two of my all time favorites, it's gonna be like watching your wife and mistress duke it out!..............If they we're missing teeth............and were covered in scars and tattoos..............and had an amazing capacity for controlled violence............So maybe its nothing like it. Fuck off. 

The Second serving of our MMA feast comes in the form of The Ultimate Fighter 12 finale this is a sleeper card that features some quality match making like Rick "Horror" Story vs Johnny "Not Jimi" Hendricks. I'd be willing to bet my kids on this being a barn burner.....if I had kids that is. Also on this card Damian Maia and Spider Grove in what should be a weird grappling clinic and in the main event "the American Psycho" Stephan Bonnar takes on Igor Prokrajac on Spike. 
 and because Im enjoying using this word balloon tool so much....
So until next time protect your neck!